Sunday, February 12, 2012

Balk 7 Fantasy Baseball preseason thoughts

Today was a big day for me in the world of imaginary baseball, today I made my selection of players for my 2nd season in a keeper league. Seeing as I won the league last year I'm feeling big pressure to repeat my ring. I'm not sure how the pros do it, because it's the off season and I'm already wondering about my selections and draft strategy.

Anyways, I'm now in the mood to talk a little fantasy baseball.

Hanley, how you burned me last year Mr. Ramirez. For being my first round pick last year your production left me less than pleased. With Jose Reyes joining the Marlins and Hanley being slid over to 3rd will this be a bounce back year? I'm hopeful but not quite so sure. Hanley's a historically fickle player and there are no reports that he's in love with Reyes being on the team and taking his position. The Marlins hitting coach has already said Hanley looks healthier but there is still room for improvement. The advent of Mike Stanton and Logan Morrison do however make this a sneakily good line up. The trick to Hanley will be determining his true value. If he was a pure 3rd baseman I'd probably have him in the top 8, but as a shortstop eligible he's still top at either position. I'm predicting a .293 90 Run 95 RBI 20 Home Run 25 Steal year from him. Not a bad year but I'm going for Tulo before Hanley, but Hanley still above Reyes.

There are a few players I'm going to be trying to target this season and am expecting nice years from.

Gio Gonzalez is someone I've always been high on but never been able to snag. With him out of Oakland I'm thinking people will be less confident in him but essentially his numbers are the same on the road. Leaving the AL and going to the NL where his career starts are essentially lights out I think is going to make him an undervalued ace to steal.

Josh Reddick formerly of the Red Sox and now of the A's is someone I'm going to be keeping my eye on. He's being given the starting job in right for the A's due to the complete lack of other options and he has a history of struggling in his previous looks, but last year he was more than serviceable with the Sox. With no other real challenges for a high batting order spot and Coco Crisp and Jermile Weeks hitting ahead of him, I think Reddick has the chance to be a sneaky pick up for some cheap rbi numbers and a little pop. I'm not sure about his year long numbers being spectacular but I can see him being an undervalued Hunter Pence still in Houston type player.

Casey Kotchman with the Indians. The Indians are a solid club with good young players that play for a team expecting bounce back years from several key players so he should come cheap. Even better the revival Kotchman had in Tampa is supposedly due to him having a corrective eye surgery. I'm not seeing it as a fluke and if Jason Kipnis, and Grady Sizemore can be even marginally productive the contact hitting Kotchman should find a nice spot to drive in the runs. I'm not thinking he's going to be top of his position because of his lack of power, but when the DL bug bite or you have an extra utility spot needing use I'm reaching for Kotch.

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