Monday, June 18, 2012

Big League Moment (7) Nancy Stewart aka Sombrero Girl

There's a pretty wide variety of autograph seekers at every MLB stadium at various times throughout the game day. At any given point in time you can meet a professional dealer, hardcore team collector, weekender, visiting team fan, or the random normal baseball fan. But every stadium has one of the greats. Someone who is not only a serious collector, but known to be a true fan of the team. One of the Angel Stadium legends is Nancy Stewart, the sombrero girl. Follow her on twitter @Sombrero_Girl

Nancy and her boyfriend Keith are known throughout the stadium amongst fans, security, ushers, and players because of two things. Sombreros, and attitude. Nancy has been featured on Fox Sports West video scenes numerous times, can be found on the OC Register website in various Angels articles, was interviewed by Fox for Opening day, and is repeatedly asked by random  strangers and fans to be in photos with them while wearing her sombrero. At this point, she is a part of the Angel stadium experience.

I took a few minutes to talk to her about collecting:

First off she considers herself an autograph collector not a ball hawk, but I know first hand she has pretty high end ball hawking skills.

One of her favorite players to interact with is Brad Zeigler, but I know she has a thing for Jayson Werth hugs too.

Her favorite baseball related twitters are Brad Zeigler's twitter @Bradzeigler and David Price's twitter @DavidPrice14

For baseballs Angel Jordan Walden has been consistently one of the best players to get a toss up from.

One of her favorite player interactions was in Las Vegas with Pete Rose. She and Keith went to one of his paid signings and he chatted with the two of them while signing. After they were getting ready to leave Rose told her boyfriend Keith she was cute and he better hold on to her. I think that's a pretty great compliment coming from Charlie Hustle.

One of her top stadiums is Petco park for the great autographing, nice appeal, and the fact that she has been on the field before.
She's one of hte greats, so keep an eye for her in the stands next time you see the Angels on TV...or in the newspaper...or the stadium...generally anywhere and the chances are good you'll spot Sombrero Girl.

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