Wednesday, May 1, 2013

RBI (133) Shay Maria...

As you've seen from my previous posts featuring Bobby Hundreds and Johnny Cupcakes it's pretty obvious I like collecting autographs from outside just the sporting world. I like to branch out and have a decently varied collection I think. One autograph I bought was this Shay Maria autographed print. Shay's a well known street wear model featured on tons of sites for her modeling work showing off the styles of The Hundreds, Benny Gold, Primitive and CBNC.
I'm pretty happy with the purchase seeing as I think she's a pretty interesting person in that part of the world and her instagram and twitter always have cool updates from her popping by the offices of the various brands and photographers. I think it was $10 well spent and I don't mind waking up to this print on my wall at all. Shay Maria's twitter is here if you're interested. And let's be honest Shay Maria's hot so who wouldn't be interested. I picked up another Shay Maria print you can see here.


  1. shay maria is the bomb! good pickup!

  2. She sure looks interesting...a little overdressed, perhaps.