Thursday, June 7, 2012

RBI (87) Now batting...Nomah...

...Garciaparra. Yup that's right folks Nomah (Nomar) Garciaparra one of the most dynamic players and top shortstops of the 90's-early 2000's signed for me recently.

The California native was a 1st round pick, taken 12th overall by the Boston Red Sox in the very productive 1994 amateur draft. He was selected one pick before Paul Konerko and two picks before future teammate Jason Varitek. After being taken in the '94 draft he coasted through the minors being given a cup of coffee in '96 and breaking out in his 1997 AL Rookie of the Year campaign.

While injuries eventually derailed his career and he was traded during the historic 2004 season when the Curse of the Bambino was eventually broken Nomar remained dear to Red Sox fans. His bat brought excitement with his 2 AL batting titles, and on leaving the Red Sox he showed his appreciation and loyalty to the Fenway faithful in a speech to the media. When he finally returned for Nomar Day in Fenway park crowds were excited to see Nomah throw his traditional sidearm to 'Tek before the game.

When he finally retired Nomar had been a 6-time All-Star, Silver Slugger winner, Rookie of the Year, 2006 NL Comeback Player of the Year, and led the league in batting twice. He was voted a 2004 World Series ring for his long service to the club and appreciation by his teammates. His career batting average stood at .313 with 229 Home Runs. While he would be 5 steals short of 100, Nomah has an impressive 936 RBI to go with his 927 Runs scored, a rare blend of speed and power to score and drive others in.

While I don't think Nomar will be inducted into the Cooperstown Hall of Fame like his peer and rival at the time Derek Jeter, I am going to be always glad he slipped down to the 12th pick and carried on the Red Sox legacy of great baseball players.
Nomar was kind enough to sign this ROMLB for me on the sweet spot while doing commentary for ESPN at an Angel game. I was really excited to meet him as he was one of my favorite players growing up, and he was generous enough to add the trademark number 5 under his name. This is definitely going in my collection next to my other favorite pieces forever.


  1. Awesome. He's one of my favorite players. I may have to try sending a ball TTM to get an auto myself.

  2. Very nice! I have to look out for him next time he comes to Dodger Stadium!