Thursday, August 22, 2013

KIC Print

I added another print to the collection that I keep displayed. This one is a small "Defy All Odds" 4x6 print of local upstart Southern California KIC brand showcasing their logo character Spacey. The brand has expanded to cover snapbacks, beanies, tshirts, stickers and even socks.
All the packages of the KIC Set Up The Upset tshirts come with Spacey stickers and a personalized note on the "Defy All Odds" Spacey print.
Obviously from the hot girls repping the KIC brand Set Up The Upset tshirt care packages and Spacey prints have some fans and I know I'm one of them.
Besides who is really going to complain about seeing hot girls in their KIC Set Up The Upset tshirts or the alien logo prints and stickers?
I know I won't be complaining. And even MMA fighter Marina Shafir likes her Spacey beanie care package.

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