Monday, December 8, 2014

My adventure at the 2014 MLB Winter Meetings 12/6/14

The 2014 MLB Winter Meetings are being hosted in San Diego, so I made a trip to see how they were on this past Saturday.

11:10 Left home for San Diego.
12:40 pm Arrived in San Diego’s Gas Lamp area where the meetings will be held.
12:45 pm Found parking at a local lot for an unreasonable cost of $10 to put my car in an empty lot that isn’t covered by a structure.
12:50 pm Made way to the Marriot Marquis and cruised the conference area, overlook of the pool bar and lobby for anyone of interest. Saw nothing beyond a pool fight between a family on vacation or some very comfortable strangers.
1:00 pm  Left Marriot Marquis and walked a half mile along the bay front  which will host the largest number of meetings.
1:05 pm Investigated the meeting and conference rooms on various floors of the hotel to find a possible points of interest.
1:23 pm Found possible meeting of MLB executives at 5:00 pm.
1:25 pm Setup camp inside lobby to await any possible arrivals of baseball figures.
1:28 pm - 3:26 pm See various minor and major league office members including Padres partial owner Alfredo Helu arrive and begin to interact with one another.
1:28 pm - 3:26 pm Be bored and make progress on work utilizing my laptop while keeping watch for MLB personalities to arrive.
3:27 pm Other graphers arrive and also set up camp inside the lobby
3:33 pm Other graphers leave for site unknown.
3:33 pm Lose interest in wondering where other graphers have disappeared to and go back various work projects and people watching while realizing a complete strikeout for my own day is highly likely.
3:51 pm Watch a wave of obviously baseball related people arrive at the hotel and exchange greetings with one another while wearing team gear. Subtly is obviously not a trait concerned about when the entire hotel is about to become dominated by baseball lifers and future hopefuls.
3:56 pm Alternating current of expensive sports cars and SUV’s starts to gain airport super shuttles and more minor league or low level MLB employees arrive.
4:00 Hotel employee in a suit who had previously been helping with baggage starts to take a more authoritative role directing hotel patrons. Assumption: hotel management will start to take a more active role with the heavier arrival of MLB and MiLB employees and executives.
4:04 With the only meeting I’m aware of approaching my head is on a constant swivel despite the suit obviously paying me more attention. I also see a man walk by with a ridiculous mustache.
4:06 Warning of official looking suit sent to my fellow graphers on their way to the meetings. Incorrect directions sort of sent since apparently my mastery of left and right abandoned me temporarily.
4:09 Lobby fills up more and becomes hard to track with the let out of a Minor League meeting. Participants seem to range from brand new first job out of college to those who are supplementing their retirement funds. Gift bags must cover significant age range appeal. Everyone likes lanyards.
4:12 pm Baseball player looking person arrives at hotel. Bag has Rawlings on it. I have no idea who he is.
4:14 pm Rollie Fingers look alike arrives and serious internal debate is being had over if it’s him. Hair and mustache correct but doubtful didn’t have a good look at front profile for a few minutes. Determine it isn't him.
4:16 pm Fellow graphers arrive and give my surveil of the hotel report. Take quick tour of the hotel and see meeting previously posted is now removed from the posted schedule of hotel events.
4:26 pm Reestablish set up in different spot in lobby to wait for  5:00 meeting. Random minor league players arrive, no one of note.
4:37 pm Other graphers return to hotel lobby.
4:45 pm Made way up to the potential meeting, MLB related officials go into conference room, but no one of note arrives.
5:15 pm Go back to hotel lobby.
5:31 pm Call it a day and head back home.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Autograph Opportunity, Steve Sax 12/6/14

Upcoming to start off December will be another Southern California autograph opportunity at the practice of Dr. Alex Corbin Liu. Anyone with a little baseball season withdrawal should enjoy this offseason appearance. Dodger great Steve Sax will be appearing at his practice and the 2-time World Series champion will be signing to benefit the Steve Sax foundation for an affordable $20 on any item. The signings at Dr. Liu's are great and worth checking out if you haven't been able to yet.

Make sure to check out the chance for a 5-time All Star, NL Rookie of the Year and 2-time World Series champion. The autograph signing will be December 6th at:
The Optometry Practice of Dr. Alex Corbin Liu
19735 E. Colima Rd.
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Sunday, November 16, 2014

RBI (221) Andre Reed at Dr. Alex Corbin Liu's 11/16/14

As I posted before, Dr. Alex Corbin Liu held an autograph signing with NFL Hall of Fame receiver Andre Reed at his practice. It was a great signing with everything affordable, well run and moving along quickly. 
Reed played most of his career for the Buffalo Bills and a lone season for the Washington Redskins. He's been inducted in the NFL Hall of Fame and the Bills Hall of Fame for his service. He is a 7-time Pro Bowler and 4-time AFC Champion. His 951 receptions went for 13,198 yards and were good for 87 touchdowns.

It was a nice day running into a few friends and I was more than happy to get this Andre Reed autographed 11x14 photo.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Autograph Opportunity, Andre Reed 11/15/14

Anyone looking for that rare opportunity to graph football in the Southern California area should be sure to take advantage of the upcoming signing at Dr. Alex Corbin Liu's practice happening November 15, 2014.
I've been to previous signings at Dr. Liu's and am looking forward to the opportunity to add an NFL Hall of Famer to the collection at an affordable price. Smalls are only $30 while larges are $40 and both include the "HOF 14" inscription from Reed. I think they're both a good deal considering average current players are signing for comparable prices as the Hall of Fame Bills receiver.

The autograph signing will be at:
The Optometry Practice of Dr. Alex Corbin Liu
19735 E. Colima Rd.
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Thursday, November 6, 2014

RBI (220) Alec Martinez...

I made another pretty random purchase recently. My family has never been the biggest fans of hockey but the past Stanley Cup caught some serious interest at my house. The Los Angeles Kings were Stanley Cup Champions with the final game winning goal scored by defenseman Alec Martinez.

I knew I was going to be in the area of a signing he was having and in case I had time I put it in my car. I ended up having just enough time to make my way there and I got my copy of the Alec Martinez Sports Illustrated autographed.
Martinez gave me a head nod when I said hello and offered my hand to shake. My interaction with him literally lasted less than 10 seconds from nod to signature to him moving onto the next person he was signing for. Glad I was doing this just because instead of being the biggest fan or I'd have been pretty disappointed in his personality.
I shelled out the extra few bucks to have my Alec Martinez Sports Illustrated authenticated by PSA, I figured he has a simple enough autograph that if I had the option and convinence for a few extra dollars I'd prefer to have it done.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

RBI (219) Jason Grilli...

It took a while, but I got a late spring training return that I had written off and assumed to be gone. I mailed Jason Grilli his Sports Illustrated when he was still a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates and after he got sent to the Angels I didn't think I'd get it back and it'd be lost in a box in the Pirates clubhouse. I was pleasantly surprised to open my mailbox and find my long lost return waiting for me.
Not only did he sign the magazine for me after Jason Grilli autographed his Sports Illustrated he inscribed "Grill Cheese" as well for me. When he was a member of the Halos it took a while for me to finally get Grilli's autograph but he was a nice guy and when he did sign he made sure to sign for literally as many fans as possible for half an hour at a time. Putting this Sports Illustrated of the former All Star closer in my collection is a nice pick up and I appreciate him following through on his mail requests 9 months latter.

RBI (218) Liz Carmouche TTM...

Recently I was browsing through the card section of a local big box store and saw a new product on the shelves UFC Champions. I decided to pick up a pair of blasters just to see the product and take a peek at the guaranteed hits. The hits themselves are fairly weak, there are supposedly relics in every box but the two that I got were manufactured belt replicas of former champions. The cards themselves looks cool but the hit guarantee was misleading.

Regardless, I do like how the cards are designed and the quality photos they use from the fights. As a UFC fan I'm always glad when I can put a fighter in my collection, but honestly the UFC roster is so big and fighters success varies so quickly printing 8x10's for everyone and sending them is a little pricier than I'd want so I wanted a staple of cards available if I could get a chance to graph MMA. I pulled a card I knew I could get signed pretty quickly since I sent ttm to her previously, Liz Carmouche.
Liz Carmouche autographed my 2014 Topps UFC Champions card and I'm actually really impressed with how it came out. Liz used a gold marker to sign in a dark spot and I think it actually came out really really well. She signed my photo nicely also so it's always great to confirm that someone cares about their fans and their autograph.

Carmouche signed and returned the card to me in 6 days.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

RBI (217) Brett Hundley….

For those college football fans out there I made a foray in that world of sports at the end of the summer. It's always fun branching out from just getting baseball autographs and adding to my limited football collection of one of the top college quarterbacks in the game right now who has destroyed Pac-10 records is a nice addition for me.

UCLA star quarterback Brett Hundley made it onto the cover of two Sports Illustrated issues over the summer of 2014 and I was fortunate enough to make it out to the UCLA open practices to meet Hundley. He was very down to earth and despite the UCLA staff being very wary of anyone who wanted an autograph Brett himself was great.
I was able to get Hundley's first Sports Illustrated cover autographed and hopefully will see him lead the Bruins to a successful rest of the season and expect him to be drafted somewhere in the first round of the NFL draft at the end of this season.

Autograph Recap, Kole Calhoun at Stadium Nissan 9/16/14

So it's been a while since I've been slammed with work but I wanted to recap a few things that I've been able to graph since the summer came to a close. One event I made it to was the Kole Calhoun appearance at Stadium Nissan. It was a well run event and Kole knocked out a fairly large crowd, but he was strictly one autograph per person.

I ran into my buddies Al, Matt and David and we had a good time hanging out in line even though it was far too early in the morning to be waiting in a line. I went through the line and got this Kole Calhoun autographed baseball, I had one before but gave it away to a friend and wanted to replace it for my own collection. I asked Kole to inscribe "Red Baron" but he declined saying he wasn't inscribing that day.
After I got my ball signed Matt was kind enough to drop my photo and get this 8x10 photograph autographed by Calhoun. Defense is a big part of his game to go along with the underrated bat so I'm glad to have this photo of him flying for a catch in the collection.
It was a good signing and didn't take too long to get out of there so I was happy with my progress on the day to end up with two Kole Calhoun autographs.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

RBI (216) Don Sutton...

I made the trip down to San Diego to graph the Atlanta Braves. I made a silly mistake and neglected to bring with me a card for the broadcast crew as there was Hall of Famer Don Sutton working for them. I was able to get ahold of a card down there from another grapher for a buck in case I had the chance to get Sutton.

Sutton pitched for the Dodgers from 1966-1980 and made his way to the Astros, Brewers, Athletics, Angels and finally back to the Dodgers for a final retirement season in 1988. His numbers are standout at 324 Wins supported by a 3.26 ERA and 3,574 Strikeouts. Throughout his career he was however only a 4-time All Star, though he was the MVP of the 1977 All Star game. His number 20 was retired by the Dodgers  in 1998 the same year he was inducted into the Hall of Fame as the only inductee into Cooperstown that year.
I got this Don Sutton autographed 1988 Score card by literally accidentally walking into Mr. Sutton in the street after the game. It was a nice surprise pick up and its always a good day when you can add a Hall of Famer to your collection.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Autograph Recap, 1st Annual Juglife Celebrity Softball Game 8/3/14

I went with my buddy David to Javale Mcgee's 1st Annual Juglife Celebrity Softball game held at UCLA's Easton Softball field. The game was an affordable graph costing only $15 to get inside, and all proceeds were supporting Juglife's bid to fundraise to support their efforts in 2015 to go build wells in Uganda to provide clean water. It's a great cause and McGee's doing good things raising awareness about an issue that may seem basic but is fundamental for life in that part of the world.
Before the game got underway I was able to get NBA center and surprise guest Andre Drummond's autograph on a floorboard piece after he was dropped off at the game. It was nice to get on the board after having struck out with Nick Young declining to sign for me on the way in.
After Drummond arrived I was able to get Denver guard Ty Lawson's autograph when he arrived to support his teammate's cause. Lawson showing up was awesome since he didn't come to play just to hang out and put his support behind Mcgee.
After Lawson showed up I went inside caught the rest of the game to watch the celebrities play ball. It was a blowout game and it even made the wire with Ray J making it on TMZ for blowing over Laura Govan on his way into 3rd base.
When the game wrapped up the Juglife crew set up some tables and the majority of the athletes came over and sat at the tables to sign autographs. John Wall and Nick Young had shown up to the event but they took off quickly without stopping at the tables to sign. Young only signed a few and Wall signed a bit before he came into the event, but I wasn't able to get either of their autographs.

At the tables Andre Drummond started signing but since I already got him and hadn't prepped for him I didn't get another floorboard signed. The next guy was the man himself, Javale McGee autographed two 8x10's for me. The first one was of him participating in the slam dunk contest.
The second 8x10 Mcgee signed was of him with the Wizards winning the tipoff against Yao Ming.
Next to McGee was Terrell Owens who autographed my 8x10 photo of him and Jerry Rice back in San Francisco.
Ty Lawson was signing so even though I got him on my photo I had him autograph a floorboard.
It wasn't a bad haul and there were even more celebrities in attendance than I had prepped for. Ray J autographed my ticket when I was walking out to my car. 
Omarion was in attendance with his wife, Damien Wayans, Laura Govan, and Doug Christie were also there. Those were the main celebrities that I recognized but a few minor celebs from vine, instagram, tv and music were also in the game.
Overall it was a great day getting a few NBA autographs and Terrell Owens who may go in the Hall of Fame in a few years. Javale's crew did a great job putting on one of the best charity events that I've been to in a while. He was really polite and donated a ton of items for the raffles that went on with nice prices throughout the game, and his guests were also great taking the time to sign for fans and come out. It's nice to see someone local bringing their star power to good use but still being accessible to fans. Bobby Wagner take notes, the Javale McGee softball event was how things are supposed to be.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Autograph Recap, Garrett Richards Eco Challenge Day 7/26/14

Gerrett Richards made an appearance at Angel Stadium for Orange County Eco Challenge Day. Participants brought in household waste, clothing and electronic waste to be recycled and were given a wristband for an autograph and the first 200 donators received either tickets to that nights Angel game or the Discovery center.

Richards is a difficult autograph to get at the stadium, he doesn't often sign so I had to take advantage of the opportunity to get his autograph. I arrived at the stadium and while I thought I had come early I was sorely mistaken and there was an impressive line of cars waiting ahead of us.
Eventually we were let inside to form another line next to the famous hats at the home plate gate to wait for Garrett to show up for the signing. 
Garrett arrived a few minutes early and promptly started signing autographs for those waiting in line. He was polite and was giving out nice signatures on everyone's items. The handler was more lax at the start so some were able to get two items signed but by the time I arrived to the front it was more strictly held to one per.
I was glad to get my Garrett Richards 2014 Topps Heritage card autographed to add to my set.
He's got a great signature and getting it done at a sit down setting made it look great. It was a quick signing that supported a good eco-driven cause.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Autograph Recap, Inland Empire Celebrity Bowling 7/14/14

I went to a new charity event, Inland Empire Celebrity Bowling hosted by Denver Broncos safety Omar Bolden and Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner. To be honest the event wasn't exactly great for myself and fellow graphers.

The primary goal and what really sold us on going was news that Bobby Wagner's teammate Russell Wilson was supposed to be in attendance. The handler at the door was apparently from his passing camp and said he would be coming to the event latter on so we happily made our donation and went inside.

Now here's where things get a little murky. The event was great in that it had all you can eat ribs, chicken and sides and unlimited cocktails with a decent DJ. Everyone seemed to have a good time. In attendance to begin the event with Bolden and Wagner was Broncos safety Duke Ihenacho and Steelers linebacker Chris Carter. Bolden, Duke and Carter were great being really social, very funny and generally everything you would expect from celebrity hosts at a charity event.

I started the day off getting Omar Bolden's autograph on my 8x10 photograph. It was great to meet and talk to him since I'm a big Bronco's fan and he had a great season for us.
After Bolden I got his fellow Broncos' safety Duke Ihenacho's autograph on an 8x10. I'm not really sure why but he signed it "#27" so maybe he's changing his number next season? But it doesn't make much sense since the photo he signed has number 33 on his jersey. It was that kind of day.
After Inhenaco signed not much action happened besides taking photos and goofing off with really awesome guy Chris Carter. He was one of the highlights of the event hanging out with us but we didn't bring anything for him. That was until we got Bobby Wagner's attention. Wagner came over to sign for us and he wasn't happy about it at all. He was short with us, seemed irritated we had different color pens for our different photos and would only sign one item each. I understand we didn't spend thousands to be there like some of the participants, but we made a donation just like every other person who was inside. No one tried dropping more than 2 items on him it just seemed unnecessary for him to come off like a jerk to us and to give us a rough time.
I'm not really sure what's the real difference between us asking him to sign our photos and other attendees asking him to sign their tshirts. We came prepared to meet the host of the event and wanted a nice item from the event. We donated just as much as some of the other guests who were treated much more politely. Maybe Bobby didn't want us at the event and it shows, but you signing two photos and not glaring when I ask for a photo together makes this a better event that draws more graphers. Yeah you'll have to sign more but you'll make more money in donations for the American Heart Association. I thought that was the point.
Matt didn't have anything for Wagner so he helped me out and got my other Bobby Wagner photo autographed. As you can see theres a random mark under the "B" because Wagner marked the photo with the sharpie before signing it. I appreciate the help in getting it done, but come on Bobby. Really? Regardless I'm glad to have both my photos done so I'm finished getting Bobby Wagner's autograph and have a Superbowl Champion's autograph in my collection.

Russell Wilson never ended up showing up. Twitter showed us he went out to dinner somewhere by the beach instead of showing up to his teammates event. A teammate who had just gone and spent time at Wilson's own camp the day before. Nice support right?

Someone who did have a lot of support was Darren Collison. As the event was wrapping up and we were walking out the door I literally shoulder checked Matt to stop walking as Collison walked right through the front door inside past us. He made the drive from LA to Rancho to spend maybe 25 minutes saying hi to the guests still in attendance taking photos and signing for everyone who was left and asked him. We overheard him saying he didn't realize that the event ended so early and he seemed genuinely surprised. But it was great to see him come by and immediately make himself available to fans.
I ended up getting this Darren Collison 8x10 photograph autographed as the best autograph right at the buzzer to make the day worthwhile graphing wise. I'm sure Clippers fans will agree with me saying it'll be rough seeing him in Sacramento playing for the Kings now instead of in Los Angeles.

Now don't get me wrong. I had come to the event from a long weekend at work. I got my moneys worth from the catering and had a good time meeting players on my favorite football team and getting a few autographs. But the attitude Wagner had and the handler telling us Wilson would come only for him to skip out on it was really disappointing. I'm down to support good causes but I'm not sure if I'll be back next year.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Autograph Recap, Bernie Nicholls at the Offices of Dr. Alex Corbin Liu 7/12/14

Well as previously posted Dr. Alex Corbin Liu had an appearance scheduled with former LA kings great Bernie Nicholls at his practice in Rowland Heights. It was only my second time going to a signing held by Dr. Liu and it was a great experience for me once again. The line this time was longer than the Reggie Bullock signing, but it wasn't too bad especially considering the hype around the Kings winning the Stanley Cup this year.

First off I made a untypical mistake and printed out the wrong quality photo and didn't discover it until it was too late to arrange for another print. I went into Dr. Liu's office and was happy to see a variety of high quality items available for purchase at the event. There was a selection of 8x10s, 11x14s and different pucks all for a really reasonable price especially for being sold with the autograph included with purchase. I was honestly really impressed as I've seen other places host signings and player appearances with no items available or a poor selection of poor quality, but this is the second time I've seen nice items available at Dr. Liu's office.

Nicholls arrived early and spent some time inside chatting with a few guests before starting to sign for those in line. After he really started signing the line started to move pretty well and he allowed fans to take a photo with his ring from being on the Kings Stanley Cup championship.
Bernie Nicholls autographed this 8x10 photograph and inscribed "70 Goals 80 Assist 150 points" on it for me. I think it came out really well and I really like the vintage jersey he's wearing in it. Definitely a well chosen photograph to have available for people attending the signing.
This one wasn't as popular a choice with the Kings faithful but I also was able to get this photo of Nicholls playing for the New Jersey Devils signed.

Overall it was another great event run by Dr. Liu and his staff and I'm glad to have made the trip out to meet Nicholls. This has been a recent way for me to find autographs in the Los Angeles/Southern California area and I'm definitely liking how they're coming out. I'll be keeping an eye out for the next event and will be posting any information I find about a signing and recommend making your way out that way as well.

RBI (215) George Springer...

Everyone's looking at the upswing the Astro's are on and a big part of it is from the big bat of George Springer. He's taking the game by storm with his power and helping the typically struggling Astro's stay loose and swing free. With top prospects looking like they're going to start paying off the Astro's are finally at the cusp of not being perennial sellers and may start being buyers in a few seasons.
I've already gotten him on a baseball so I made sure to join in the fray after it came out and got this George Springer autographed Sports Illustrated done. It's a nice cover shot in the vintage Astro's uniform and I was really happy to get it signed with a reasonable Springer autograph. With a ball and SI signed now I don't have anything else for Springer unless I decide to knock out a photograph so it'll be nice to refocus on getting my 2014 Heritage set done when the Astros are in town.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

RBI (214) Paul Goldschmidt...

I went down to San Diego to see the Padres play against the Arizona Diamondbacks. It was a reasonably successful trip with me getting a handful of autographs for my 2014 Topps Heritage set and the highlight of the trip was America's first baseman Paul Goldschmidt.

He was an unassuming pick taking by the Diamondbacks in the 8th round of the 2009 MLB draft. The under the radar star had a massive breakout 2013 campaign and is productively repeating the success. He's already been an All Star, Gold Glove and Silver Slugger winner and lead the National League in RBI's in 2013 while being tied for the Home Run lead.
Paul Goldschmidt autographed my 2014 Topps Heritage card for the complete set I'm slowly trying to assemble. It's a big one to cross of the list as I think he'll stay productive and popular for years.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

RBI (213) Aubrey Huff...

For the 4th of July I went to San Diego with my buddy David to get some holiday graphing in. The Padres were playing the San Francisco Giants so were hoping to get some of the their stud pitchers and position players. Unfortunately we didn't have the best of luck with the Giants but we made the best out of it. We were watching the game and ran into former Aubrey Huff in the stands.

Aubrey Huff played from 2000-2012 as a reasonably successful player as a first baseman, third baseman, and outfielder. While with the Orioles he served as their regular DH and won the 2008 Silver Slugger. He moved on to the Giants where he was instrumental in helping them to win the 2010 World Series Championship and played a smaller role on the 2012 World Series Championship team. He retired with a .278 career average, 242 Home Runs and 904 RBI's driven in.

I got this Aubrey Huff autographed baseball inscribed "2x Champ" and it was the best pick up I got on the day. An unexpected pick up but it came out really clean and I like the inscription on the unexpected World Series winner.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Autograph Recap, Angels Mystery Bags 2014

Well it was that time of the year again when the Angels girlfriends and wives host their annual mystery grab bag fundraiser. Each bag costs $40 and proceeds go to support the Special Olympics. You have the chance to pull a baseball autographed by a participating player and if you're exceptionally lucky you can find a gold ball that gives you the opportunity to go on the field before a game to meet the player.

I waited in line with some friends and took my shot at the chance for the opportunity. I ended up pulling a Kole Calhoun and two Howie Kendrick baseballs. I traded one of the Howie Kendrick's for a Josh Hamilton baseball and then traded that Josh Hamilton for a Jered Weaver.
To say I'm happy with this is an understatement. A Jered Weaver autographed baseball in blue on the sweetspot is more difficult to get than I'd care to even really think about. The fact that it has paperwork from the Angels certifying it makes it even better. It'll look extra great next to my other Weaver autographed ball inscribed with Weaver's no hitter.
The Howie Kendrick autographed baseball is a nice full signature so I'm reasonably happy with it.

The Kole Calhoun I gave as a present already so I don't have a photo of it, but Kole's actually a bit tough so it was nice to get the ball so I could focus on other graphing instead of chasing him. Overall it wasn't a bad haul for me and it could have gone much worse. The Angels also were kind enough to learn from bad experiences the past few years and the players gave out nice signatures on the sweetspot in good blue pens. Every fan I saw may have wished they had pulled a Pujols or Trout autograph, but I don't think close to everyone left with a quality signature from their player.

Autograph Opportunity, Bernie Nicholls July 12, 2014

Go Kings go.  At Dr. Alex Corbin Liu's practice in Rowland Heights there will be an appearance by NHL legend Bernie Nicholls for an autograph signing on July 12, 2014. The first 50 people in line will receive a free autograph so Kings fans looking for an autograph be sure to line up early.
I went to the last event when Reggie Bullock was at Dr. Liu's practice and it was a great well run event. I definitely recommend anyone looking to add an NHL autograph to check out the appearance. And if you're not in Southern California but still looking for an autograph contact him by email for mail order inquiries.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Autograph Recap, Reggie Bullock 6/14/14 at Dr. Alex Liu's Practice

As I previously posted Dr. Alex Corbin Liu hosted an appearance by Clippers player Reggie Bullock at his practice in Rowland Heights. It was a good chance to pick up an NBA autograph at an affordable price, and the limited number of appearances made by members of the team this past season made me jump at the chance.

Reggie made a prompt arrival and the signing started on time. The line moved along quickly with Reggie signing and taking photos with fans.
I was able to get this Reggie Bullock 8x10 photograph autographed and inscribed "Rookie Season" by Reggie. It came out great and I'm really glad to have made it out to the signing. The North Carolina product was selected by the Clippers in the 1st round of the 2013 NBA Draft and provided limited minutes off the bench. Hopefully next season he can provide some more firepower off the bench. Regardless it was a great experience at Dr. Liu's event and I look forward to making it out to more in the future. Definitely keep an eye out here for more postings of the events that Dr. Liu will host.

You can follow Reggie Bullock's Twitter @ReggieBullock35

Sunday, June 8, 2014

RBI (212) Tony La Russa...

As you're all aware Albert Pujols is currently in the midst of a milestone season where he has crossed the 500 home run plateau. In recognition of this Tony La Russa his longtime manager was brought to Angel Stadium to partake in the celebration where Pujols was given a gift from the Angels' franchise. I've never gotten La Russa's autograph and in August it will become officially more difficult as he is inducted into the Hall of Fame.

La Russa needs no real explanation for his induction or why I was so anxious to graph him at the stadium. He's a 4-time Manager of the Year, won the award in both the American and National Leagues. To go with his 2,728 career wins he's a 3-time World Series champion. He's one of extremely select few that has ever won both Manager of the Year and World Series championships in both leagues. To say he deserved his election into the Hall of Fame with Joe Torre and Bobby Cox would be an understatement.
I'm glad to have gotten this Tony La Russa autographed baseball as an unexpected bonus to going to the Angels vs White Sox game.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

RBI (211) Harmon Killebrew...

Recently I went to my local card shop and found a big collection of signed baseballs stacked up in the case. Unfortunately a collector passed away and his wife sold off his collection to the shop. I perused some of the balls and settled on this nifty vintage pickup of a Hall of Famer.

A Harmon Killebrew autographed American League baseball inscribed 573 HR which I bought for a pretty reasonable price. I've always wanted a Killebrew and the vintage ball is what made me jump on it. Killebrew autographs will always float around but balls from that era will only become harder to find, especially in such nice condition with the autograph holding so well.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wanted and for Trade Autographed 2014 Topps Heritage

Hey everyone, if you've noticed I'm currently trying to assemble a signed 2014 Topps Heritage set. I currently have about 10 extra signed heritage for trade and am looking for more. If you can help feel free to comment here or send me an email of what you have available.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Autograph Recap, Howie Kendrick Pechanga Appearance 5/22/14

I've posted previously about All Star Angels second baseman Howie Kendrick and he's off to another tear to start off this season. Kendrick had an autograph appearance scheduled at the Pechanga Casino so I decided to make my way there after work. Previously I had a great time at the Jered Weaver autograph appearance at Pechanga so I was hoping for a repeat.

When I got to the casino the line was in the grand ballroom and was extremely small. Even though I only got there about an hour ahead of time I was about 60 people back from the front. Howie started signing for the Pechanga VIP club members at 6 and quickly was through the VIPs. He started signing for the general public line by 6:30 and started knocking autographs out.
Howie was strictly one item per when I handed him my card and put my photo on the table. He asked which one I wanted done but had already started to sign the card. I got him to sign my 2014 Topps Heritage to cross one more off the list while I work to get the complete set signed.
After Howie signed my card I went to the casino and played a few quick hands of blackjack. I pocketed some quick winnings and decided to leave while I was ahead. I was walking out and saw the line for Howie had shrunk even more to less than 20 people so I got back in line.
Howie autographed my 8x10 photograph I had taken from a few years before and he gave it a nice signature. While he was writing I asked him if he could inscribe All Star and he responded "No sorry but I can sign it for you." Obviously.

I'm glad to have finished getting Howie on things that I need done. He's a bad signer at the stadium and even though his signature is nice it's good to be done with the not most pleasant person.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Autograph Opportunity Reggie Bullock June 14, 2014

So here's a great NBA autograph opportunity if you're a fan of the Clippers. 2013 LA Clippers 1st round pick Reggie Bullock will be making his first public appearance at the practice of Dr. Alex Corbin Liu.

Bullock will be at the Rowland Heights practice June 14, 2014 with autographs on any item only $15 and includes inscriptions. Mail order is available for this signing so if you're a Los Angeles Clippers autograph collector from out of state I'd definitely take advantage of this signing.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Kershaw Rehab at Rancho Photo Series

Clayton Kershaw was side lined earlier this season with an injury and ended up making a rehab appearance with the Dodgers minor league affiliate the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes. The appearance happened to coincide with the Quakes giving out a Brian Wilson bobble head. I went out to try getting Kershaw and didn't have any luck.
The crowd was huge with at least 4 people deep from the railings and people who didn't have tickets lined outside the gates as well.
The crowd was backed up along the stairwell and of course the shot I took got photo bombed after they noticed my camera out for a few shots.
Finally the man of the hour came out to sign some autographs. And I emphasize some. Kershaw walked out and immediately skipped the section of fans who had been waiting the longest for him. Kershaw would sign three or four autographs and then walk another 10 feet before he'd knock a few more until he got to the car. And that was it. Not the best trip but at least I got a few photos of the Dodger stud and his fans during Clayton Kershaw's minor league rehab.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

RBI (210) Brian Roberts...

Brian Roberts. Multiple time All Star second baseman who was quick on the base paths for steals and doubles. This guy has never signed for me before and has been notoriously difficult to get.
Apparently it's easy to get him when he rolls up to the stadium 10 minutes before the gates are supposed to open for fans to come into the game. Roberts signed a few autographs on his way in and I was finally able to cross him off the list.
Brian Roberts autographed my 2014 Topps Heritage card for me to add to my set. I'll be doing a massive update about the progress of my set but it's looking very nice right now.