Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Pujols-Wilson Press Conference...RPS (1)...

Well folks it's been a long time aspiration for me to get a better camera to help document my adventures in the baseball collecting world. I figured there's no better debut to the RBI Photo Series (RPS) than the epic Angels press conference introducing Albert Pujols and CJ Wilson as members of the Angel organization.

I arrived at Angel Stadium at approximately 9:00 AM and made my way to the press conference set up in front of the stadium between the two famous hats. The stadium crews were setting up the stage area still and I was able to get a decent spot by the rail.

When things were finally ready to start the special guests came out from inside the stadium and owner Arte Moreno emerged to the waiting throngs of fans. He came out and took a well deserved victory lap around the barricades giving fans high fives and shaking their hands.

There were plenty of Angel notables on hand including Dan Haren, Torii Hunter, Jered Weaver, Bobby Grich, Mark Gubicza, Dino Ebel, Steve Soliz, and Mickey Hatcher.

There were remarks and introductions by multiple organization members from Victor Rojas, Arte Moreno, Mike Scioscia, and Jerry Dipoto.

CJ Wilson was the first player introduced followed by Albert Pujols.

Just one big happy Halo family for the next 5-10 years. Not too shabby.
I hope you all enjoy the photos and the future photo series that will make guest spots here on the blog. I do request though if you do share or use these photos you use them for personal use and not for any commercial purposes. And please don't edit the RBI tag from the image.

I was able to get autograph's at the press conference, scoring a Mike Scioscia autograph, Jerry Dipoto and Jered Weaver autograph on their way out.


  1. What an awesome event to be at! Nice pictures too.

  2. Congrats on attending such an awesome event. I bet it was nuts there.

  3. I wanted to get down there, but I already had plans.

    Looks like it was a great time. Thanks for the recap.