Friday, January 27, 2012

365 Letters, 2nd batch

Well as the challenge goes on I've realized I'll be running into one major problem consistently. Out writing my supply of stamps when I really get on a roll. It's not like it slows down the process very much, but still it's a bit of a hassle to get to the point where I just want to drop the letters in the mail but have to make myself get to the line in the post office.

It's a little frustrating when after making it finally down to the post office and working my way through the letter writing process, it comes back unopened. As much as I enjoy the research, its tough to learn so much and want to know more only for your letter to not even be read. It's like that sneeze you feel but can't get out. Oh well, that's part of why it's such a thrill when you see that familiar sized return envelope with your own handwriting on the outside. Each RTS just makes every response that much more cherished.

What's even more frustratingly confusing is the RTS from Mr. Phil Hughes. Sharpied next to his address with an arrow through it is "RTS" but then stamped next to the address is "Undeliverable Commercial Mail Receiving Agency No Authorization to Receive Mail for this Addressee" Really Phil Hughes? Really? A commercial mail sorter that rejects fan mail? It's hard to believe you have a commercial mail agency that doesn't have the authority to accept your mail. It kind of defeats the point.

I was a little delayed getting to some of the letter writing because of a charity event I went to that you can see here. It was a great even for a nice cause that was definitely worth delaying a few letters.

The theme of this batch gets a little bit of inspiration from the event I was just at and from my previous batch.
  1. Trevor Cahill, while I was reading about Phil Hughes for his letter I thought back to the regular season and realized Cahill also grew up in the area and wanted to know his opinion on playing for a rival of the local team.
  2. Craig Anderson, when writing some of my letters I saw my Eli Grba signed ball and wondered about another expansion franchise. I checked my card collection against an original roster member from the Mets and came up with the interesting Mr. Anderson.
  3. Brandon Inge, one of my favorite players a consistent team guy. I decided to write him after actually seeing a guy who looked like him at the event I was at (it wasn't him).
  4. Scott Hatteberg, as an Angel fan it was interesting to see the division rival A's brought moneyball to town, and Hatte was a big part of that system. As a Red Sox fan Hatte was obviously a big part of the club through the ends of the 90's. I wish I wrote earlier though now that I'm sure the movie has him swamped by other collectors.
  5. Danny Espinosa, I had actually heard that Espinosa was going to be at the event I went to since he was a local product. When it was announced that he wasn't going to be there I was pretty disappointed and added him to the letter list.
  6. Jason Bay, One of my favorite recent Red Sox outfielders, I'm pretty upset about his recent injury woes with the Mets. When I lived in Boston and made it out to Fenway, it seemed like Bay was always starting a game winning rally. 
  7. Robin Ventura, taking over after a manager like Ozzie won't be easy but if there's someone who is used to making slick game changing plays it's this guy. We'll have to wait and see how the South Side of Chicago adapts to life post Guillen. 

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