Saturday, March 8, 2014

Peyton Manning TTM fail...

Welp I tried out sending a TTM request to Peyton Manning through his foundation. I see he's really slowed down with the successes, but occasionally someone slips through with a real one.

I sent in a copy of his Sportsman of the Year Sports Illustrated hoping to get it signed, but instead I was sent back my copy of Sports Illustrated with a Pre-Print autograph photo included in the envelope. It's a nice photo of Peyton and would be great to get signed.
It'd be funny even to get him to sign it next to the pre-print autograph. I''m not really sure how people enjoy getting these sent to them, but it's still a fail as far as getting his actual autograph. I'll put the magazine back in the stack to be sent out next season for another try.

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