Wednesday, October 17, 2012

RBI (111) Johnny Cupcakes...

Continuing on with my little bit of off mainstream sports hit I decided to post another autograph I got from the world of clothing. Johnny Cupcakes is a Boston based designer who has done collaborations with top notch companies like Nickelodeon, Hello Kitty, and always manages to add a whimsical component to every piece.

The signature logo of the company is a cupcake with crossbones underneath. It's playful and gives plenty of different spin off ideas to have a pretty fun line of t-shirts. They've opened stores in Boston, Los Angeles, and London all the while maintaing a sense of exclusivity by limiting the number of shirts produced and hand numbering various products. A regional theme is kept with the shirts at each store as playoff seasons typically result in local teams colors being produced for sports fans.

The owner Johnny is a pretty amusing prankster who likes to leave presents for his customers so an in store purchase may result in opening your box to reveal a classic 90's TV show trading card or free stickers and buttons. His fun personality is probably why bands such as Gym Class Heroes and Four Year Strong are supporters of the brand, showing up randomly to visit the stores, events, or appearing in internet commercials/promotional photos.
I had Johnny Cupcakes autograph this postcard advertising the grand opening of his store in Los Angeles when I ran into him while at the Boston store for the release of a new limited shirt. It's a little tough to see since he carried a silver sharpie and signed across part of the grey background but he also drew the cupcakes logo under his name. It's random but I do enjoy little postcard prints like this or the KIC Spacey print since they're fun to frame and quickly interchangeable.

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