Tuesday, October 23, 2012

RBI (112) A Post Season Regular...

It struck me as unusual that this October Johnny Damon was no where to be found. Damon has easily been one of the more popular players in the MLB as he bounced around team to team throughout his remarkable 18 year career.

Taken in the 1st round of the 1992 draft by the Kansas City Royals, Damon debuted quickly in 1995. After 6 years in Kansas he was sent to Oakland where he had a strong year that netted him a large contract with the Boston Red Sox. He left the Sox after 4 seasons infamously to cut his trademark locks for the New York Yankees for 4 seasons before being a gunslinger for Detroit, Tampa Bay, and Cleveland. He is a 2-time All Star and won 2 World Series Championships, one of the most memorable in sports history with the 2004 Red Sox and then one with the Yankees.

He sits at 2769 hits, 235 Home Runs, 1668 Runs scored, 1139 RBI's driven in and 408 Steals. His career .284 average goes along with a robust .352 OBP. While his home run numbers aren't overly impressive for having a 18 season career his 522 doubles and 109 Triples means 631 of his 2534 non-home run hits were for extra bases. For someone who batted leadoff or in the upper end of the order for most of his career Damon was hitting for extra bases at a clip of 1:4 hits or basically almost one a night. Not too shabby and it could be one reason that helped his teams appear in October for almost half his career.
Interestingly I wasn't the one to get this autograph. I was out in the outfield hunting for baseballs and had forgotten this team card and sharpie with my parents. Seeing him hanging out around the fans my mom actually went down the line and got Damon to sign this 2011 Topps team card for me. I was definitely excited when I found out she got it for me seeing as his importance to the '04 Sox.

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