Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Writing TTM to the Padres at Petco

If you read my other post about Padres Fanfest then you know I went on a tour of the team's clubhouse.  What is actually really cool about their clubhouse is that there in the middle of the locker area are giant mailboxes with each player's fan mail waiting for them.

If you look at the photo you'll notice not too many of the players have been making a dent on their mail sent to the stadium over the off season, and judging by the size of some of those stacks not much of dent during the regular season either.
To those of you who have written to Huston Street care of the Padres, have fun waiting. It doesn't seem like he's going to get to you anytime soon.
If you do happen to get a return from one of the players sent to the stadium, well I know I'd definitely value it a bit more.

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  1. Very cool to see this considering i just made an entry on my new TTM project for 2013. Guess im not sending to any padres anymore. Glad i got headley ttm last year and the rest of them i was able to get at fan fest.