Wednesday, February 27, 2013

RBI (122) Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer Poster

If you saw my earlier post I went to the UFC open workouts for UFC 157. I enjoyed the entire fight week making it out to the open workouts, went to the weigh ins to graph but ended up taking some photos with a few celebrities, the fan fest (I'll get to that eventually), the fight itself and one of the most interesting events of the whole week. Meeting UFC ring girls and cover models Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer was definitely an interesting event.

They had an autograph signing after the weigh-ins across from the Honda center for a few hours and I was able to get a bit of graphing in. I was lucky enough to meet up with Benson, James and a few other usual graphers at the event and we caught up while waiting to meet the girls. Everyone was way more prepared for the event than me coming with multiple 8x10's and magazines. I showed up assuming I could buy something for the ladies to sign from their line of products for about the same cost as getting an FHM magazine with quick delivery off ebay. I was correct and bought this poster to get signed.
I'm pretty pleased with my purchase and how it turned out being signed. Despite being ring girls, I feel like they're pretty important personalities within the UFC and really help draw to the sport. Let's face it Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer are hot, and really active on instagram and twitter so they're definitely popular with the fans. I'm pleased to have scored their autograph, meet them, take a photo and bring them into my collection. Just saying, who is going to complain about having a poster of Brittney Palmer and Arianny Celeste in a bikini in their collection?

If you're interested in more gorgeous girls in posters and their autograph you check out my growing collection of Shay Maria posters here, here and here.

Arianny Celeste's twitter is Arianny Celeste (AriannyCeleste) on Twitter

Brittney Palmer's twitter is Brittney Palmer (BrittneyPalmer) on Twitter

A side note. If you haven't noticed this off season I've been branching out from graphing just baseball. The TTM's have slowed down mainly because I'm slightly discouraged by my terrible return numbers, costs, and being overwhelmed by the project and work. The in person events have needed to be some sort of big event like the Cory Hahn fundraiser and Padres fan fest. I'm looking forward to getting back to graphing baseball, but I've been enjoying my break from it.

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