Friday, September 14, 2012

RBI (106) A Prospect Slugger...

One thing that I'm a fan of MLB teams doing is trotting out their local minor league affiliates to the stadium to sign autographs, meet some of the big leaguers, and enjoy a night in the suites as a reminder of what they're pushing for. The Angels brought the Inland Empire 66'ers to the stadium to sign for the fans and I opted to rack up the minor leaguers while I could.

The 66'ers have top prospect C.J. Cron a 1st round pick in the 2011 draft, taken 17th overall. Originally a catcher due to an injury he moved to 1st though he isn't graded as much of a plus defensively. 2012 he has been on a tear driving in 123 RBI with a .293 average and 27 home runs. He's ranked as the Angel's 2nd best prospect and 2nd best 1st base prospect in the minors.
I didn't realize it was 66'ers day at the stadium or I probably would have gotten a team set of cards to get signed so I picked up a mini bat get the C.J. Cron autograph on. With Pujols signed for years and Trumbo mashing in Left/1st Cron is blocked for a bit but if he develops on pace when Pujols is ready to play DH more it would be about the same time the Angels are ready to see what Cron can do in the bigs.

It'll be interesting to see how things develop for C.J. but I'm glad to have gotten him at a sit down signing for a nice signature rather than a rushed one along the field. It was funny to see CJ get a bit of grief from his fellow teammates as he had a steady line of people with solo ball requests and cards of him while they signed team provided programs. Life in the minors is tough but hopefully when they were in the suites watching the game someone reminded the other guys that the future Hall of Famer in the on deck circle wearing #5 was taken in the 13th round of his draft and any one of them could still make it. It's possible he does now that CJ Cron was the Angels representative in the 2013 MLB Futures game.

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