Monday, May 12, 2014

Kershaw Rehab at Rancho Photo Series

Clayton Kershaw was side lined earlier this season with an injury and ended up making a rehab appearance with the Dodgers minor league affiliate the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes. The appearance happened to coincide with the Quakes giving out a Brian Wilson bobble head. I went out to try getting Kershaw and didn't have any luck.
The crowd was huge with at least 4 people deep from the railings and people who didn't have tickets lined outside the gates as well.
The crowd was backed up along the stairwell and of course the shot I took got photo bombed after they noticed my camera out for a few shots.
Finally the man of the hour came out to sign some autographs. And I emphasize some. Kershaw walked out and immediately skipped the section of fans who had been waiting the longest for him. Kershaw would sign three or four autographs and then walk another 10 feet before he'd knock a few more until he got to the car. And that was it. Not the best trip but at least I got a few photos of the Dodger stud and his fans during Clayton Kershaw's minor league rehab.

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