Monday, May 26, 2014

Autograph Recap, Howie Kendrick Pechanga Appearance 5/22/14

I've posted previously about All Star Angels second baseman Howie Kendrick and he's off to another tear to start off this season. Kendrick had an autograph appearance scheduled at the Pechanga Casino so I decided to make my way there after work. Previously I had a great time at the Jered Weaver autograph appearance at Pechanga so I was hoping for a repeat.

When I got to the casino the line was in the grand ballroom and was extremely small. Even though I only got there about an hour ahead of time I was about 60 people back from the front. Howie started signing for the Pechanga VIP club members at 6 and quickly was through the VIPs. He started signing for the general public line by 6:30 and started knocking autographs out.
Howie was strictly one item per when I handed him my card and put my photo on the table. He asked which one I wanted done but had already started to sign the card. I got him to sign my 2014 Topps Heritage to cross one more off the list while I work to get the complete set signed.
After Howie signed my card I went to the casino and played a few quick hands of blackjack. I pocketed some quick winnings and decided to leave while I was ahead. I was walking out and saw the line for Howie had shrunk even more to less than 20 people so I got back in line.
Howie autographed my 8x10 photograph I had taken from a few years before and he gave it a nice signature. While he was writing I asked him if he could inscribe All Star and he responded "No sorry but I can sign it for you." Obviously.

I'm glad to have finished getting Howie on things that I need done. He's a bad signer at the stadium and even though his signature is nice it's good to be done with the not most pleasant person.

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