Sunday, October 27, 2013

RBI (191) Paramore

Continuing to upload some autographs from my collection that I had gotten years prior to becoming an actual hardcore grapher here is one of my favorites that has been framed for years before I really knew what I was doing. In the summer of 2006 I went to Warped Tour San Diego to see the band Paramore perform I was happy to enjoy the show and have seen them several times since then. I was even happier to get Paramore's autograph on my ticket at an appearance at a booth sponsored by someone I can't remember.
In pink is Hayley Williams' autograph, in teal Hunter Lamb, black is Zac Farro, red Josh Farro, and in blue is Jeremy Davis. Back when I got the autograph they were just becoming popular with the success of All We Know Is Falling and their tour, but I'm not sure anyone in San Diego that day knew they were seeing a 3-time Grammy nominee with a Platinum record. Either way it's fun to have another band's autograph in my collection, especially one that did one of my favorite records. Now I'm sure it's almost impossible to knock out a piece like this signed by Paramore easily since they're such a popular group with hardcore fans.

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  1. I like how they all signed in different colors. Nice item.