Sunday, October 20, 2013

RBI (189) Tianna G

Yeah I added once again to the collection of streetwear model prints and photographs I've been building. It's mainly been Shay Maria but I added well known model Tianna G (Tianna Gregory) who has worked with Van Styles, CBNC, Diamond and DGK.

I bought this Tianna G autographed 8x10 photograph, but it came out really dark. I actually don't mind the print coming out dark. I have it framed already and the whole scene seems mysterious and looks good up on the wall.
Since the 8x10 came out dark she added in the smaller brighter print in the package so now I have this nice print of Tianna G looking hot in a swimsuit.
She didn't have to do that and it was super nice of her to add in the small print that I also framed and have up. Definitely two really nice photographs that I'm glad to have and post up along with my Shay Marias. You can follow Tianna G on twitter and instragram.

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