Thursday, October 3, 2013

RBI (185) Long Delayed TTM Response...

I was pleasantly surprised to see a TTM return envelope in my mailbox considering I haven't had very much time to send out TTM's this year after burning myself out trying to do my 365 TTM challenge last year. I knew it had to be a fairly old reply but I was shocked to see how old it was when I checked my records.

Cadaret was a journeyman reliever and starter who posted 539 Strikeouts with a 38-32 record pitching from 1987-1994 with a comeback in the 1997-1998 seasons. He debuted for the A's before pitching for the Yankees, Reds, Royals, Jays, Tigers, Angels and eventually the Rangers. I remember asking how it felt to make it back into the majors with the Angels, but unfortunately Mr. Cadaret didn't respond to my letter. I was very glad though to add his autograph in my collection especially since he played for the A's in the 1988 World Series.
Greg Cadaret autographed this 1990 Fleer card for me 2 years and 4 months after I sent it to his home address.

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