Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sac Fly (1) Winner!

Well here's the deal. I didn't actually say if the guesses were going to count as a total score or individually. Luckily you all solved the issue for me by not a single person who entered twice repeating a name. So every person if they submitted 2 entries submitted 6 separate names with none being repeated, meaning there was a general interpretation that it was cumulative. Which is what I intended for and why the extra entry was so valuable.  The 3 players who signed for me were Grant Balfour, Brad Ziegler, and Gio Gonzalez. Meaning the winner was the lone person who correctly named 2 players in their guesses was.........Matt of Tenets of Wilson! So congrats Matt you're the winner of my first ever contest meaning the odds are high I send you an additional slightly meaningless prize with your main prize.  For everyone're all awsome and I enjoyed your guesses. I'll be hosting additional contests soon so keep an eye out.

As an additional note, Gio signed 2 cards for me and Ziegler signed a ball for me with someone else's gel pen (shudder) that immediately smeared and then resigned in my pen since I asked nicely at the end of his signing when he saw the awful smear on the original signature. He actually looked at the ball and said "gross I totally understand don't worry" (yay young pitchers) when I asked him to sign again while showing the horrendous smear. So I got 3 players but 5 signatures, which is why I said I had to repay the great karma I had by hosting a contest since Zeigler and Gio were so nice to me.

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  1. Very cool, hope you have a chance to post scans of the Gio cards :)