Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Struggles With Topps Customer Service

This is a summary of my attempt to resolve a redemption with Topps regarding an Ian Kinsler Lineage reprint autograph.

On July 12th 2012 I received a late notify that the card would not be ready within the 15 week target. Oh well it happens, I'd wait.

I sent an email on October 9th about being unhappy with the delay of not only my product but of receiving any sort of update about something I had purchased and they already received payment for but I had received no product or information.

They responded October 11th telling me to call customer service.

October 16th I did. The customer service representative did not identify themselves, looked up the product said it was weeks out and essentially said tough luck the product will be shipped when its ready. I was unhappy with how the issue was handled, the tone of the representative, and the lack of information offered. Being told I can wait for a random card of "equal" value determined by a 3rd party with no input by myself and a wait as long as the expected delay is not an actual resolution to the issue.

The operator had me so frustrated with the way I was dismissed that I called the Director of Logistics and Customer Care at the corporate office that day . My message was never returned.

I went to twitter and tweeted at the Topps Company twitter that I needed assistance. After multiple tweets the response was they'd have  the Director of Logistics and Customer Care check his voicemail and to contact the customer service twitter. He never responded, and I did message the support twitter.

The conversation started on October 16th. I was responded to on the 17th and was told they would call me if I was still needing to discuss something. I responded with my phone number that night. No response.

I messaged the service twitter again on October 26th. No response.

I messaged the service twitter again on November 1st. No response.

On November 6th I was told the hurricane closed the office. and I would be contacted when the office reopened.

I messaged them December 17th. No response.

I messaged the twitter and sent an email to the website support on December 27th.

Finally got some help the 7th of January speaking to the Director of Logistics and Customer Care on the phone. I was told I'd be called back within 24 hours to finish resolving my situation.

The 16th of January I sent an email after having left numerous voicemails from the 10th-15th saying I wanted the situation resolved as I was told it would be. I was sent an email saying someone would call me.

The 21st of January I sent an email requesting they did what they said they would and resolved the issue. I was told the customer service rep who would resolve my situation was sick and would respond when he was back to work.

On January 24th Topps called me and said they'd sub my Kinsler autograph out, but to be aware the 2 week standard time was running behind and it'd be an additional 1-2 week wait, and they apologized for the wait so they'd send me something else as well.

On the 5th of February I got a package in the mail from Topps. What was in it? A Bowman Sterling autograph of Pierce Johnson. Really Topps? Not to sound ungrateful, but come on. All this didn't even get me wrappers to rip, a random autograph from a no name prospect from one of the worst clubs in baseball right now. Awesome.

March 24th emailed topps again asking what happened to my sub out. Apparently it's Topps policy to ignore a sub out request if the card being subbed out is completed within X amount of time of the sub out being processed.

April 2nd/3rd? I was sent the exact Ian Kinsler card I had pulled. Not even an upgrade. I've emailed Topps again saying I'm not happy with the situation and they responded they were pleased with how the situation was resolved. I emailed them again asking to speak on the phone. No response.

Thank you Topps for nothing.


  1. I hate hearing Topps stories like this. It makes us seem powerless to this monopoly.

    1. As sad as it is to admit, we are. I'm not even sure what I could have done differently beyond send it to a news agency but they typically deal with $20,000 phone bills not someone dealing with a 4 dollar card.