Thursday, April 3, 2014

Autograph Recap Angels vs Mariners Opening Series...

Baseball. It's back. The first team to come into town was Seattle Mariners and I did pretty well knocking out the first part of my complete 2014 Topps Heritage set.
Game 1: I wasn't able to get anything pre-game so I gave up and went to grab a nice lunch with Rob and Benson to celebrate baseball coming back. It was a good change of pace from the normal value menu binge we make later on in the season. When we went inside it was great to be officially back. I started off with Logan Morrison signing a pair of his Topps Heritage. Lomo autographed one normally and on the other wrote his twitter handle "@cupoflomo" for me.
Next up I was able to get the new man of the hour Robinson Cano's autograph. To be honest I was a little unprepared for Cano to come out and point at me to sign so I went with the first thing I had in front of me and tossed my card instead of a ball. It's official I'll have to be committed to this set now that I've got Robinson Cano's 2014 Topps heritage short print autographed.
After Cano signed I got Abraham Almonte to sign his half of his rookie stars card. He's an interesting prospect making good use of his chance so it'll be interesting what he does.
I already posted about getting Brad Miller's autograph on a baseball, and I got Miller's heritage card signed after game one.
Game 2: I started the day off pretty well getting outfielder Dustin Ackley's autograph. He was nice and knocked a few out for those who asked.
It was a good feeling getting Michael Saunder's autograph finally after being unsuccessful over the past few years to get him to sign something. It's very satisfying to have him sign his heritage early.
After Saunders signed for me slugger and 2-time All Star Corey Hart came over and autographed his heritage.
Game 3: For the third game I picked up where I left off getting a guy who has been historically tough for me. Even though Justin Smoak has played his whole career in the AL West I've never been able to get him to sign for me. I got his heritage autographed and it's nice to get him off the list.
After Smoak I got third baseman Kyle Seager to sign for me before the game started. Seager's part of the new wave of prospects establishing themselves early into true big league players so it's good to have him done before he gets tougher.
I didn't stay for post game action and headed home satisfied to have knocked off most of my Mariners heritage cards and glad baseball is back.

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