Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Batches batches batches...

This batch was focused more on the players who spent their time making their bones in the AL East. After I worked on the AL East I decided to meander into the NL where I don't have too much knowledge off the top of my head. With the start of baseball I'm not sure if there will be many responses now but I'm still hopeful that they're also inspired by the coming season.

Johnny Damon, Despite his time on the Yankees, Damon played a big part in Red Sox history and once again a grinder who forces his way on base and pesters the opposing pitcher to secure a run.
Desmond Jennings, The speed demon is poised to help throw the Rays into contention for yet another season providing great defense behind the overly talented and young rotation and could explode offensively this year. I also enjoy writing to guys I saw at the 2010 Futures game coming into the bigs.
Wade Boggs, I'm a really big fan of the TV show Psych, and when I saw Wade do a guest appearance this season it became one of my favorite episodes from the past few seasons. I just had to write him and tell him how nice it was to see him on the show.
Jay Bruce, While writing letters to Damon and Jennings, I started wondering about other dynamic outfielders. I decided to poke around the NL central since it's not my strongest place of knowledge and looked into the Bruce.
John Axford, While in the division I also remembered the Brewers had an interesting story and dynamic player of their own in closer Axford. Who wouldn't be interested in learning about a set up man who learned from future Hall of Famer Trevor Hoffman.
J.D. Martinez, Soon to be rival playing out his first full season replacing one of my favorite players (Hunter Pence). It's a big mantle to replace in Houston since they didn't have much to cheer for besides Pence so hopefully he can take it.
Al Kaline....
Jim Leyland, with the Tigers in the making of a strong run and marquee players standing behind him it'll be interesting to hear what Leyland has to say about his career with this season on the horizon.
Tyler Clippard, one of the premier set up men in baseball that is often over looked the ominous visit Drew Storen made to Dr. Andrews has some wondering if this NL All-Star would be given the 9th but his dominance in the 8th has him keeping the status quo there.

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