Saturday, April 21, 2012

Big League Moment (5) Mark Langston

As Mr. Langston is a radio broadcaster for the Angel's 2012 season I've had the chance to ask him additional questions and he's always been nice enough to share his memories. Mr. Langston is a classy guy and was kind enough to not only sign his autograph for me, but answer some questions.

I asked, "What was your favorite park to pitch in as a visitor?"

"That's an interesting question...Chicago. Wrigley. The whole place has a good feeling when you're in it. Any big park is good for a pitcher, I like Oakland."

While that was my moment, a friend of mine also posed a question to Langston. He asked him what his favorite baseball card of himself was and immediately Langston choose his lone card of him ever up to bat. I've yet to figure out what the card is, but rest assured I will find it and have him sign it.

"What was your favorite All-Star year?"
"The first one. The first is always the best."

"Who was your toughest out?"
"My old neighbor Dave Henderson. I guess he wanted to own the block."

"How would you get Mike Trout out?"
"I'd pitch him inside to make him shorten his swing, and you have to keep him guessing by changing speeds. But he's really good at making adjustments even during at-bats. "Do you think you could pick him off?" "Now that one I'm more confident about, I think I could get him."

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