Friday, March 16, 2012

More 365 batches

Spring Training is always about new beginnings. A new season, new teammates, new parts of a player's career. But every new beginning comes from an ending, either of a player's career with a team or the whole career itself. I decided to write to some of the veterans starting their career over or bringing it to a close.

Mariano Rivera, the last batch I sent to Jamie Moyer and Mike Cameron so I decided to mail the elder statesman of the Yankees as he approaches another season.
Buster Posey, Buster is definitely one of my favorite catchers to watch work because he makes the Giants staff look even more dominant. Here's hoping to him restarting his career after his bad luck injury last season.
Mat Latos, is the kind of front end starter that I've always tended to like. Strong stuff with an attitude to go along with it, and an interest in maintaing his team's rivalries to keep them pumped up. Starting up with the Reds this year it'll be interesting to see what he does with some offense behind him, but being away from Petco.
Carl Pavano, Latos was a pick up I made his rookie year in fantasy and it's always made me kind of favor him as I got to see each stat line of his career develop. Pavano was also another pick up I made his first year with the Twins where he has restarted his career after the poor results with the Yankees.
Austin Romine, Speaking of the Yankees with the trade of slugging superstar prospect Jesus Montero some playing time unexpectedly has opened up for top defensive prospect Romine this year behind Russell Martin. 3/7
Bobby Doerr, Everyone who has collected TTM knows the story about Mr. Doerr. He's a Hall of Famer both literally and for collectors. As a Red Sox fan I'm excited at the prospect of him reading my letter and hope to have him in my collection.
Logan Morrison, Lomo. Rebel with a cause, being awesome while crushing home runs. Awesome awesome awesome.
Aaron Hill, I've been pretty interested in the career of Mr. Hill since his breakout campaign in 2009. His career has had some ups and downs since then, but I think he's going to play a big part in the continued rise of the D'backs.
Keith Mitchell, when I got the Bobby Doerr card I also picked up one for Keith Mitchell. Reading the back of his card he seemed like an interesting prospect and I decided to ask him about his MLB career.
Paul Goldschmidt, After looking through the rest of this batch I thought about who else is on the D'backs and going to be key to their continued success pushing the Giants for top of the division while the Dodgers still recover and Padres continue to rebuild.


  1. Related to Latos & autographs: Did you see this post from Mat's wife?

  2. I hadn't seen that. It makes sense though that some of the families see it that way. The one thing though about Mat's signing practice is as great as it is for him to sign almost every game from the dugout not all stadiums let the fans down into that section so if you don't have an expensive ticket tough luck. But at least he's nice enough to sign, a lot of players don't even do that so cheers to him.