Wednesday, March 14, 2012

RBI (67) A letter from Jerry Dipoto...

No witty title or twists today folks, just some amazing correspondence from current Angels GM and former  MLB player Jerry Dipoto. Yeah that's right, Jerry corresponded with me, and by that I don't mean filled in a few blank lines on the page I sent him. I mean Jerry took two pages of Angel letterhead and wrote me a nice note in response to my own letter to him.

I didn't scan the letter seeing as it's a letter completely from him and to me it didn't sit quite right to scan it. I will however provide a transcription of said letter:

I'd like to thank you for your recent letter and continued support of the Angels. Like you, we are very much looking forward to the 2012 season and the challenges it will bring. 

I appreciate both your thoughts and insights regarding the game in general, as well as the ways in which our club might improve. You can be assured the we will continue to explore every avenue in seeking the right opportunities. We are presently preparing for the start of the regular season and very much looking forward to watching it play out on the field. 

As it pertains to my history as a student of the game, fan and collector - It's been a lifelong passion, one I'm sure you share. This is a great game with great's to the coming season and the hope that the Angels will add to a rich history!

All my best, 

Here is Jerry's signature on the bottom of the letter. I think it's kind of cool he just wrote Jerry instead of his full name. It gives it a very personal feel, like he took the time to not just say thanks for the letter but some genuine thought from one baseball guy to another. 

My mind is blown that he took such care and time. It's not often I even expect responses let alone a hand written letter by the GM of a MLB team during Spring Training. This may be one of the true highlights of my collection for the rest of my life, regardless of where the club is lead as it's such a unique piece. For those of you who don't know Jerry is also an avid collector so I'm sure he knows what it means to fans and collectors to receive something like this. Virgil Trucks and Bobby Doerr are in the Hall of Fame for TTM for their kindness and generosity, and I've got the feeling Jerry Dipoto is the kind of guy who will one day earn his way alongside them in the hearts of fans.

Jerry was kind enough to write back to me after only 20 days care of the Angels at their Spring Training facility.

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  1. Jerry is simply cool to have written a personal letter back. Next time I run into you Ryan I hope I can see the letter in person. Good stuff man.