Saturday, March 3, 2012

A nice Gold Rush haul...

I was pleased to come home to a little registered envelope in the mailbox from Topps. I cracked open the seal in the hallway and out slid a nice silver pack of cards. To be honest there was a little bit of worry for me considering the Gold Rush checklist isn't exactly guaranteeing an awesome set of cards.

I cracked it open and out came these golden beauties.

Yup, I got some nice pulls. Not an autographed hit, but considering I have 81 games to try to get Weaver and hopefully a few Kemp public appearances, games, and signings I'll count this as a possible two golden autographs. The Kemp is normal but my scanner is on the fritz for some reason. Even the players I'm not super big on are at least a slugging second baseman and one of the best pure DH's in baseball. Couldn't have asked for a better pack minus the Willie Mays actually being autographed.

Like everyone else it seems it took about a week for Topps to get these out to me. Great turn around for this years redemption program.

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