Monday, May 16, 2011

RBI (11) Double header madness...

Well I'm just so excited I probably should keep this for tomorrow, but I won't. Today in the mail I got my very first fan pack response. Many of you are probably aware of the fan pack challenge going on at JT's blog The Writer's Journey and his great number of responses from various teams. Well I thought I'd get in on the goodness and try my hand at requesting a few packs of my own. I thought I'd start off with the best team ever, The Boston Red Sox. Here's what I got in the mail.

Yup inked right on the outside of a very large envelope was some great news from oddly enough Florida. I'll be keeping the envelope as a keepsake plus the stamp was just awesome. The envelope itself has a return to Yawkey instruction printed on it too. 

Inside tons of goodies fell out. Such as:

2 Pocket Schedules with Lester on it.

Awesome Wally the Green Monster promotional post card.

Josh Beckett about to hurl some heat post card.

Classic Sox logo sticker.

Some of the ever popular Fenway dirt to make home feel more like Fenway.

A full size 2011 wall calender?!?!?! Seeing as I'm addicted to drinking Coke (sipping one as I type) I was happy about the sponsor. This was definitely a great score!!

ANDDD a non pictured goodie because it refuses to scan very well because of it's circular nature. The fan pack included a "Live Strong"-esque rubber bracelet that was Red Sox red and says "Red Sox Nation" with the classic Sox logo on either side of the words. Needless to say I'll be proudly wearing it around starting tomorrow. 

Moral of the story. Fan packs are awesome. And the Red Sox are even awesomer.

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