Tuesday, May 31, 2011

RBI (15) No longer green with envy...

And now I'm sparkling with diamonds. The past few weeks I've seen people posting up some of the cooler cards they've gotten from Topps Diamond Giveaway and I have to admit I was always a little jealous of the Diamond Die Cuts fellow bloggers have gotten. Well I've finally been able to score my own when I was out picking up another few top loaders I couldn't resist the blaster sitting by itself on the top of the shelf.

It may not be a Red Sox or Angels card, but hey I'll take it. Especially since Jair is currently sitting with a 7-1 record and 1.51 ERA. Batters are only hitting .234 against him and he has 38 punch outs versus only 11 walks. If he keeps it up he could be this years All-Star selection taking up Tim Hudson's selection from last year. 


  1. if you ever want to swap it... let me know.

  2. I turned my Die Cut Diamond card into 60+ cards now with over 20 of them being vintage. Hold onto it for a good offer.

  3. @Captain Canuck Oh it's definitely up for grabs if there's an enticing offer.

    @AdamE Did someone actually offer you 60 cards or did you just keep flipping the cards you received? Was it an awesome player?

  4. I got 26 cards for a Vernon Wells (probably one of the least appealing names in the set) including many from the early 70s.