Monday, May 2, 2011

RBI (3) Before the Buzzer?

Okay okay, there's no buzzer in baseball (unless Joe West is calling your game and you play for the Red Sox), but I had some technical difficulties and almost wasn't able to make a post today.

Continuing with the goodies found at the Angel Yard Sale I'll switch gears a bit and go to a subject very familiar to the readers of this blog, cards. I was able to purchase 2 Topps 2007 Series 2 Bonus Boxes with 11 packs of 6 cards, and 2 Upper Deck 2008 Series 1 boxes with 75 cards per box PLUS a 3 card superstar pack. The grand total for all four nifty little finds? 4 dollars. While I'll likely put up some of the cards I like from the packs, there is one that absolutely must be highlighted.

Buried for 4 years in the storerooms of Angel Stadium was this ironic beauty.
I'm going to have to take it as a continued blessing by the Angels for this blog despite the slight reservations Tom of The Angels, In Order has due to the purity of my support to the Angels as a Red Sox fan. And to answer a question a few people have already asked, yes I did take the photo used as my header at the 2010 All-Star Game, and I did so in a Dustin Pedroia jersey. But to be fair I wore my Angels jersey to the Celebrity Softball Game/All-Star Workout Day.

But back to the card. It's a nice Angels team card Gold Parallel #1374/2007 that has me smiling for a few reasons. The location I purchased the card from makes it pretty cool already, but I like the little things about baseball. For instance while waiting in line to go to the sale a few people noticed some John Lackey left over items being set up for sale, and the employees were booed for bringing them out by the crowd. Who led the team in ERA in 2006 according to this card? Current Red Sox pitcher John Lackey.

Keeping with the Red Sox theme, apparently if you look closely to the back of the card, the Angels finished in the same division. Yup, just for Topps/to confound my loyalties even more, the Angels finished 2nd in the AL East.

This incarnation of the Angels went on to win the AL West with a 94-68 record only to be swept in the American League Division Series by....yes readers, you guessed it. The Boston Red Sox. Here's a photo I took at the series clinching ALDS Game 3, and yes once again I was in Red Sox gear. It was nice to see one of my favorite pitchers ever, Curt Schilling, pitch a gem, while Jered Weaver took the loss after a pair of homers given up to David Ortiz and Manny Rameriz.

If memory serves me right, after sweeping the Angels the Red Sox went on to win the 2007 World Series. I'm fairly certain that happened, but I'll have to double check the photo I took while at Game 1 of the World Series where the Rockies were trounced by the Sox before eventually being swept.

But I'm getting away from the real purpose of this post. The card. It's a pretty nifty pull especially coming from Angel Stadium itself so many years later, so it's pretty gratifying to add it to the collection. It's nice to see a few players still with the team pictured such as a young Weaver pictured next to Lackey in the top row, and Erick Aybar wearing his old number 32. I sure do love having team cards, perhaps I should include a few future posts with a little more about them...

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