Tuesday, February 7, 2012

3rd batch and a theme for the 365

That's right folks I was hit with some inspiration this week as I pondered over what letters to write. As I was browsing through the blogs I saw the first few breaks of 2012 Topps. Don't worry I know the controversy the set has caused and am far from pleased with the gloss' effect on test autographs, but there was a little inspiration in it.

I'm sure some of you have already guessed it. The 1987 mini inserts just look too sweet, so I went to a local card shop and bought an unopened complete 792 card 1987 Topps set. I won't be sending out the 1987 set exclusively, but I will be including a fair amount of them in my mailings and saving some for in person attempts this coming season. The cast of characters in the '87 set is just right and the tie to the 2012 release is too good to pass up.

Here's the 3rd batch:
  1. Bill Buckner, That's right. A Red Sox fan writing to Billy Buckner and I don't even mention the World Series. Buckner wether you forgive him or not put a big stamp on the franchise so I had to try.
  2. Billy Beane, Since I wrote Hatte I decided to write the guy who signed him and is making so many high profile moves this offseason. With his latest extension it seems like he's going to see if he can outlast Pujols in the AL West.
  3. Terry Francona, Most people send Tito things related to the Sox and the World Series championships, but I wanted something from his playing days. As fas as I'm concerned 2011 collapse or not Tito can do no wrong and will be great in the booth this coming season.
  4. T.R. Bryden, I've actually got a fair amount of the '87 Angels cards signed from the 50th Anniversary events the Angels ran so I decided to keep working on the team set.
  5. Marty Barrett, the '86 ALCS MVP who was a fixture in the Red Sox lineup throughout the eighties as a scrappy contact hitter with strong defense I like to think of him as Pedroia without the pop.
  6. Jeff Reardon, I think Reardon was one of the original closers of the eighties to make you fear the beard...and his pitches. Anytime your card is the lone image for a almost 800 card set on Wikipedia you know it's a pretty sweet card that needs to be sent out.
  7. Charlie Leibrandt, With George Brett in the news recently, I decided to look through his teammates from the lone World Series Championship he won in '85 and Leibrandt was a key name that caught my attention.
  8. Turner Ward, I'm not really a fan of just card searching but while looking at all the 2012 Topps inserts I browsed my '91 Donruss and saw the "Rated Rookies" inserts. Ward caught my interest as a rookie worth making an insert with who eventually made his way through the Majors to a Minor League Managing position. 

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