Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A VERY puzzling 365 challenge return

I'm going to break my normal format and ask a question to you fellow collectors. Today I was thrilled to come home and see on my table one of my return envelopes post marked from Massachusetts. I knew the only letter I currently had out from that area was to Jim Rice. Needless to say I was incredibly excited to have a return from him, especially since he was the first letter I wrote for the challenge.

I grabbed the envelope only to see it had already been sliced opened. I found that curious and spilled the card out from it. My correct card was there. With no autograph. No letter. No notecard. Nothing.

I'm not really sure what happened. Here are some scenarios running through my head, what do you think happened.

Did he open my envelope, read the letter I wrote, decide I didn't deserve an autograph but decided to mail my card back? Did he mail it back in my envelope even after accidently slicing the return envelope to open the letter? Did he have no tape if he had cut open my envelope? I honestly have no idea how he'd expect an open envelope flying across the country to manage not to having the card fly out.

Did he read my letter and answer my questions but not autograph my card? Did the letter fly out during the mailing process instead of the card if he had cut the envelope by accident?

Did he answer my letter, mail back the card unsigned, and someone opened my mail but left the unsigned card but took my letter?

Did someone open my mail and see the card was unsigned so they left it?

I feel like if Jim Rice didn't feel like answering he would have just sent it back RTS on the original envelope. Why open the envelope if that's the case?

Does this mean he actually reads all his mail and I fell short of the mark? Nice try, thanks for playing kid but hit the bench.

If that's the case I feel horrible. Horrendous and crushed. I wrote a full page, down to the last line, sincere letter to him explaining my passion for the sport and the Red Sox. I was proud of the finished product, the only letter that may have been more meaningful would be the letter to Pedroia explaining I worked hard and took extra shifts at my job in college specifically to afford his jersey when I was in Boston, and how much it meant to make it to Game 1 of the 2007 World Series to see him play in it. I'm tempted to write him again and ask what happened. If Jim Rice, a member of the pantheon of my Red Sox idols decided my sincerity and thoughtfulness wasn't worthy of his autograph...well I may as well just give up this hobby all together because I don't know what else I have to offer in my letters.


  1. That's peculiar and I have had a few instances of a card returned with no signature myself. It's a bummer. My best guess is that Rice charges a fee (just a theory, not sure of it) and when he opened your envelope and saw that there wasn't a check, he returned the card.

  2. I wondered about that, but it didn't have a fee next to Rice in my latest Meiselman list. Also it doesn't explain why the separate return envelope it came back to me in was open.