Tuesday, February 21, 2012

4th batch of the 365

With baseball season right around the corner I started to think back to all the great milestones and games I saw the past season. A few highlights I was there to see CC Sabathia collect his 2000th strike out, Jordan Walden tie the franchise record for saves by a rookie, and Dan Haren reach 100 wins. I'm excited to see what sort of milestones and accomplishments I'll be there for this year.

Thinking about 2011 made me think about the big stack of 1987 Topps cards and what went on that year. I started to research the season and found out the '87 Tigers had a huge season and powered their way to a MLB best 98 Wins. '87 was their last post season until the 2011 season. I decided to write a few letters to key guys from that team.

  1. Jack Morris, Morris was a linchpin in 3 World Series Championship teams and one of the dominating pitchers of his era. I'm thinking he's advancing to Cooperstown in the next year or two after drawing 67% of the vote this year.
  2. Mike Heath, Pitching was a big part of the Tigers success that year and Heath caught 90 games while batting a strong .280 I'm curious as to how he saw the club that season.
  3. Mark Thurmond, a consistent piece of the bullpen that helped the club grind through the season as an occasional closer and late inning guy.
  4. Justin Masterson, Today is when pitchers and catchers reported across the league and I wanted the first current player I write to during the beginnings of 2012 baseball to be one I have a connection to. I was at Masterson's first career start and am really big on him. I wear his player shirt to every game of his regardless of it being a Sox tee and him being on the Indians. Really hope he write back.
  5. Jerry Dipoto, I'm not really sure why, but I felt really inspired today an wrote a fairly lengthy letter to the Angels GM.
  6. Mike Cameron, Cameron just announced his retirement and I wanted to send a letter offering him my best wishes for his life after baseball.
  7. Brandon Morrow, I've wanted to write to Morrow for a while after seeing him for so long with the Mariners, but was always hesitant about sending a letter to Toronto. Now that he's in the States for spring training I want to get him.
  8. Jaime Moyer, My thoughts about Mike Cameron and Tim Wakefield's retirement made me think about the old guard moving on, and Moyer is trying to fight father time and do the opposite of his peers attempting a comeback at 49. 
  9. Ron Roenicke, While writing the letter to the Mr. Dipoto I started to think about the previous championship of the Angels and an unsung hero in their performance former 3rd base coach turned manager chasing his own ring Roenicke.

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