Sunday, April 26, 2015

RBI (226) Robert D. Manfred...

I never took advantage of it before but I had seen some TTM requests at the Commissioners office, with the new commissioner in office I decided to give it a shot. I sent an autograph request to the MLB offices and a few weeks later came home to see a large package waiting for me.
I opened it and inside was a great looking full signature baseball signed by Robert D. Manfred. It's a nice signature and it didn't cost me anything besides a few stamps so I'm glad to have added it to my collection. I may try to get Selig's autograph now but I've got to look into how to get ahold of him now that he's no longer in office.

Manfred has some large shoes to fill since Selig cast such a big shadow, but he's handled the first few controversies pretty well and we'll see how things continue on through his first full season.

RBI (225) Mike Witt...

I've previously posted about getting former Angel and Yankee pitcher Mike Witt. The 2-time All Star posted 117 wins with 1,373 Strikeouts but most importantly he posted his own spot in MLB history. He finished out Mark Langston's No Hitter and I had the two of them sign a ball, but now I had Witt sign his own.

Witt threw out the first pitch at the Angel Stadium home opener to start the 2015 season off. I was able to hang around and get Witt afterwards and had him sign a ball.
Previously Witt had declined to inscribe his piece of baseball history but this time he had no problem doing so and inscribed "PG 9/30/84" for me. It was a nice way to start off the season and getting a Mike Witt autograph is tough so this is a really nice piece for me to put into my collection.