Thursday, October 31, 2013

RBI (192) Story of the Year

In the late fall of 2006 I went to the Boston venue the Avalon to see St. Louis rock group Story of the Year perform. For a small fee with my ticket I was able to get access to a meet and greet after the show. It was a great show because they're really a high energy live band and always a group I see in person if given the opportunity.
Some of the fans were just there to say hi and take photos but I opted to get Story of the Year's autograph. All the guys were nice and I had the whole band autograph the ticket I had printed out for the show. It was a quick meet but I enjoyed it and am glad I took advantage of the chance.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

RBI (191) Paramore

Continuing to upload some autographs from my collection that I had gotten years prior to becoming an actual hardcore grapher here is one of my favorites that has been framed for years before I really knew what I was doing. In the summer of 2006 I went to Warped Tour San Diego to see the band Paramore perform I was happy to enjoy the show and have seen them several times since then. I was even happier to get Paramore's autograph on my ticket at an appearance at a booth sponsored by someone I can't remember.
In pink is Hayley Williams' autograph, in teal Hunter Lamb, black is Zac Farro, red Josh Farro, and in blue is Jeremy Davis. Back when I got the autograph they were just becoming popular with the success of All We Know Is Falling and their tour, but I'm not sure anyone in San Diego that day knew they were seeing a 3-time Grammy nominee with a Platinum record. Either way it's fun to have another band's autograph in my collection, especially one that did one of my favorite records. Now I'm sure it's almost impossible to knock out a piece like this signed by Paramore easily since they're such a popular group with hardcore fans.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

RBI (190) Alysha Nett

My previous post highlighted Tianna G being hot in a bikini and this one isn't that different though it is a more widely known model Alysha Nett. Alysha Nett was featured on New York Ink's series premiere episode getting her tree tattoo done by Tim Hendricks on her thigh. She's modeled for CBNC, Supreme, The Hundreds, MOOSE Limited and basically any brand that is legitimate in that world. Her tumblr is one of the top model tumblrs and she's been voted best web model by multiple different sites.

I picked up this Alysha Nett autographed 11x14 poster.
She was nice enough to toss in this second poster for my collection, and I'm happy to have added it. At some point if I find out we're going to be at the same event in LA I may bring it along to have her sign it.
She's definitely one of the top streetwear models and I'm glad to have put her in my collection to have the top three models Alysha Nett, Tianna G and Shay Maria together in the collection. With baseball's off season only a few World Series games away I'm going to probably keep expanding my print collection while I keep busy. I'm not sure if anyone will really complain about seeing Alysha Nett looking hot.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

RBI (189) Tianna G

Yeah I added once again to the collection of streetwear model prints and photographs I've been building. It's mainly been Shay Maria but I added well known model Tianna G (Tianna Gregory) who has worked with Van Styles, CBNC, Diamond and DGK.

I bought this Tianna G autographed 8x10 photograph, but it came out really dark. I actually don't mind the print coming out dark. I have it framed already and the whole scene seems mysterious and looks good up on the wall.
Since the 8x10 came out dark she added in the smaller brighter print in the package so now I have this nice print of Tianna G looking hot in a swimsuit.
She didn't have to do that and it was super nice of her to add in the small print that I also framed and have up. Definitely two really nice photographs that I'm glad to have and post up along with my Shay Marias. You can follow Tianna G on twitter and instragram.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

RPS (10) Graphing the Anaheim Ducks 10/19/13

With baseball in Southern California finished for the season I went with some friends to try graphing the Anaheim Ducks for the first time. I had heard of some good successes and big numbers by other experienced hockey autograph collectors so I figured it was worth a Saturday morning to give it a shot.

I wasn't sure what to bring along with me for my first attempt so I settled on a buying a 2013-14 Score team set of cards and printing an 8x10 photograph. When I got to the Honda Center to meet up with my friends I learned the Ducks weren't there due to a concert so we went to their back up practice facility.

I had heard hockey players were some of the nicest pros out there to collect and I always wondered if it was just an exaggeration. It's not. The Ducks are one of the nicest groups of professionals I've ever encountered and they had no hesitation to sign for us when we asked. The only guys who didn't sign for us on their way in were the players who didn't park by where we were standing to see them arrive. Everyone had a nice thing to say as they signed and were extremely polite to us graphers. I kid you not. Today I became a Ducks fan and decided collecting hockey autographs isn't too bad.

In no particular order here's how I did today.
Cam Fowler autographed Score card.
Kyle Palmieri autographed Score card.
Lucas Sbisa autographed Score card.
Corey Perry autographed Score card.
Daniel Winnik autographed Score card.
Nick Bonino autographed Score card.
Andrew Cogliano autographed Score card.
All-Star Saku Koivu autographed Score card.
All-Star Jonas Hiller autographed Score card.
Captain, Stanley Cup Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Getzlaf autographed Score card.
If you're an autograph collector reading this post then you're probably used to seeing the cars athletes drive around in. Let me say this. Ryan Getzlaf has the sickest car I've ever seen a pro driving. A blacked out matte black luxury ride. While he was signing for us we couldn't even pretend to not be drooling over his car and I told him "You have the sickest car I've ever seen a pro drive. You win the Anaheim car game. Your car is cooler than Albert Pujols'." To which he hid a grin and said thanks while finishing my Ducks Team Leaders card also autographed by Corey Perry and Viktor Fasth.
After the Ducks came in we followed them into the practice facility and watched their practice. Something you can never do anywhere else, so one more reason I'll be a Ducks fan from now on. They worked hard and then finished up practice so we went back outside to wait for the man of the hour. Future NHL Hall of Famer Teemu Selanne came out and was nice enough to knock out autographs for everyone who waited and asked. First I got this Teemu Selanne autographed 8x10 photograph.
After he signed the photo I had Teemu to sign a puck I picked up from the team store during practice. He signed quickly but gave the nice items people had good signatures, signing in good spots and inscribed when asked. Definitely a class act from a hockey legend so I'm very happy to knocked out getting the "Finnish Flash" autograph before he retires, hopefully with another run at a Stanley Cup championship.
Basically I knocked out almost the entire Ducks team in one day. At some point I'm going to go back to try for more Teemu Selanne autographs and to finish my Score team set. It was a cool day spent with Rob, Al, Benson and Matt and I'm glad I went out to collect the Ducks and start collecting NHL autographs.

Friday, October 11, 2013

RBI (188) Mike Scioscia, Last 2013 Graph...

I already posted about getting Albert Pujols' autograph on the last day of the regular season at Angel Stadium, well I neglected to post knocking out another long time goal longtime Angels manager Mike Scioscia.

Scioscia as a player won 2 World Series Championships with the Dodgers while being a 2-time All Star. He's managed the Angels to over 1,200 Wins, 2 AL Manager of the Year awards, a World Series Championship and somehow found time to make two appearances in the Simpsons.
I haven't had much luck getting this Mike Scioscia autograph so getting after he got to the stadium was a nice pull for me. I've been after him for my 1987 Topps project for two seasons now. It's not like I have any sort of realistic belief that I'll finish the set but the guys in the set seem to be decent signers, its a pleasant design and it's something to work on every once in a while.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

RBI (187) Evan Longoria...

On occasion I'll get an autograph and instead of immediately posting it I'll wait until that player does something noticeable or until he is relevant to post about. Right now with the Rays in postseason against the Red Sox Tampa Bay Rays 3rd baseman Evan Longoria is incredibly relevant and noticeable.

Longo was the 3rd overall pick in the 2006 MLB Draft taken out of Long Beach State University the home of fellow stars Jered Weaver, Jason Vargas and Troy Tulowitzki. He's been the power of the heart of the Rays lineup and been recognized with multiple All-Star selections, Gold Glove awards and been named a Silver Slugger. If a third baseman can do it well he's doing it and been one of the main challengers to Adrian Beltre's reign as top third baseman within the American League the past few seasons.
Evan Longoria autographed this 2012 Allen and Ginter "What's in a Name" card for me when the Rays played the Angels during the 2012 season. I like these cards and got his fellow star ace pitcher David Price to sign his version of the card. With stars like Longoria, Price and Ben Zobrist it's easy to see why the Rays are making waves and in the post season.

RBI (186) Rays Magic...

The past few seasons the Tampa Bay Rays have been regular contenders in October and a big part of it has been digging out talent from all parts of the draft. Pitcher Jake McGee is one of those arms they found to be a solid arm coming out of the pen.

McGee was drafted out of the 2004 MLB Draft in the 5th round and debuted in 2010 for the Rays. The lefty has provided solid results for Joe Maddon when he comes out in games appearing in 71 games and recording his first career save this season. He's one of the under the radar guys that has helped the Rays hold on to their magic to push into the post season.
Jake McGee autographed this 2011 Topps Lineage rookie card for me when the Rays were in town to play against the Angels in the 2013 season. I like McGee and especially since the season before he gave me a Orioles commemorative baseball that I saved and ended up getting Adam Jones' autograph on.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

RBI (185) Long Delayed TTM Response...

I was pleasantly surprised to see a TTM return envelope in my mailbox considering I haven't had very much time to send out TTM's this year after burning myself out trying to do my 365 TTM challenge last year. I knew it had to be a fairly old reply but I was shocked to see how old it was when I checked my records.

Cadaret was a journeyman reliever and starter who posted 539 Strikeouts with a 38-32 record pitching from 1987-1994 with a comeback in the 1997-1998 seasons. He debuted for the A's before pitching for the Yankees, Reds, Royals, Jays, Tigers, Angels and eventually the Rangers. I remember asking how it felt to make it back into the majors with the Angels, but unfortunately Mr. Cadaret didn't respond to my letter. I was very glad though to add his autograph in my collection especially since he played for the A's in the 1988 World Series.
Greg Cadaret autographed this 1990 Fleer card for me 2 years and 4 months after I sent it to his home address.