Tuesday, November 26, 2013

RBI (194) Tom Morello...

I had the opportunity to see guitarist Tom Morello play in his folk music band "The Nightwatchman" during a short tour in 2007. Morello's acclaim is from being the guitarist for famous rock groups Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, but the side projects he involves himself with always showcase his stellar guitar playing skills.
The club I saw him perform in the Paradise rock club was small and it was a very great intimate show. After the show if you purchased the debut album you could meet Tom and have him sign the album cover. I of course opted to stay and meet the man. It was a quick perfunctory hello and smile while he signed but considering he sat to sign minutes after playing a lengthy folk set I couldn't blame him and was happy for the opportunity to add him to my collection. It's not often I get to collect celebrity or rock star autographs, but it's nice when I'm able to so this Tom Morello autograph is a nice piece.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

RBI (193) Sugarcult

One more benefit to living in Southern California is the local entertainment and music industry. As I posted before I had the opportunity to see rock band Alien Ant Farm perform locally and got their autograph, and I was also able to meet the band Sugarcult.

Sugarcult is best known for the songs "She's the Blade""Pretty Girl" and most notably "Bouncing Off the Walls" and they have a pretty high energy set as a result of their hits. I got to the front of the performance which was fun and then after the set their bass guitarist threw a pick into the crowd. I was lucky enough to catch the custom pick he had just played with.
After their set part of the band hung out with the crowd and signed autographs. I was able to get bassist Airin Older and guitarist Marko Desantis to sign a sticker and Airin Older autographed the pick he through into the crowd. Marko obviously had a little bit of fun with it since he doodled a heart and the break here inscription on the seem of the sticker backing.