Saturday, July 25, 2015

RBI (229) Curt Schilling...

One of the biggest autographs I was able to add to my collection recently was Curt Schilling. While I did have a Schilling autograph in my collection previously, it was a gift so I had never successfully graphed Schilling myself. I also had a huge need to add him to my Fenway Park setback that I've been getting signed over the years.

What he accomplished during his time with the Red Sox was historically huge and the bloody sock is legendary even amongst a story filled game.
Schilling was making an appearance at Angel Stadium as a broadcaster so after an unsuccessful attempt to graph him earlier in the year I was determined to get him the second time around. Schilling  was kind enough to sign an autograph for each of us waiting for him and signed my setback with a large autograph that is very clear to see when I look at the piece. I'm very glad to have him added to the seat and it definitely muscles up my project significantly.

RBI (228) Paige Van Zant

Up and coming UFC star Paige VanZant has been catching the MMA world by fire lately. The UFC has found a star on the rise after her debut victory against Cailin Curran. Her dismantling of veteran Felice Herrig solidified her reputation as legitimate prospect and the UFC has been happy to have Paige appear at numerous of the company's most recent events such as the UFC Fan Expo is Las Vegas.

I sent a TTM request to her just after her victory over Curran realizing she was legitimate and going to become incredibly popular with the fans as soon as they realized the talent she had. Paige was incredibly kind and autographed two 8x10's for me.

While I do have a healthy Ronda Rousey autograph collection I don't have the body issue cover signed which is a cornerstone item to have signed by her, so I wanted to make sure my Paige VanZant autograph collection had "the" photo. Her initial UFC promo photo has actually been "the" photo so I was sure to send one of them.
Paige also signed this photo from her UFC debut.
I'm very glad to have these two in my collection as I've heard her events and appearances get swarmed now by huge crowds of eager fans to meet the rising star. She's proven legitimate as a growing young fighter since transitioning from model and ring card girl into UFC star. You can find Paige Vanzant (@paigevanzant) | Twitter

RBI (227) Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez, Arod, A-roid. Plenty of names have been put on Rodriguez since he was caught, disciplined and suspended for his infractions. At the end of the day he's still an autograph that is desirable, collectible and for my 2014 Topps heritage set, incredible necessary. Thankfully I was able to come in possession of one during the Arod "Forgiveness" tour as he's been playing this season and knocking out untold numbers of autographs at stadiums around the country.
I was very happy to get this Alex Rodriguez autograph in my collection and now no longer have to worry about one of the most difficult cards I thought I'd have to obtain. I'm highly doubtful he ever makes it in the hall of fame despite his numbers, but he's always going to be a name brought up for his era of baseball.

As always if you have any signed 2014 Topps heritage, let me know what you have and we can work something out.