Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sac Fly (1) The first contest...

Well seeing as I've been able to have a little bit of luck pulling cards this week and in person at the stadium I think it's time to spread some of the luck and host my first contest.  I'll get more complicated and random fun with my contests as you can tell by this one.

The first contest I'll admit is a little self serving. For only having the blog up for about a month I've gotten a fair number of hits and am glad people have found interest in the stuff I'm putting up. So to continue working my way into this great community I need the word spread about what I'm doing on this blog. So here's the prize and the rules:

-2 unopened packs of Topps Heritage 2011 OR Gypsy Queen OR 1 of each. Winner's choice.
-Additional cards from my collection of your selected team.

How it works:
The Oakland A's were in town this last home stand and I was able to get a few in person autographs of members of the team. So here's the contest 3 different A's players signed autographs for me. Guess who I was able to get and you win the prize. Also in your guess leave which packs you would prefer if you win.

The winner will be the person who gets the most players guessed correctly. If there is a tie I will use a random number generator for all valid correct entries. If no one guesses any of the players correctly I will use a random number generator for all entries to determine the winner.

How to enter:
Like I said, I'm self serving in this contest. Mainly because as it stands now there will most likely only be 2 entries in the contest if I didn't add this part. All you have to do to enter is comment your guess. You can leave a second guess as a valid entry if with your second entry you post a link to your own site announcing/linking this contest (2 entry max).

Contest will close Friday June 3rd at 11:59 PM PST, and the winner will be announced Saturday June 4th.


  1. Matsui, Cahill, Fuentes

    GQ all the way!

    I'll try to plug later but I'm out if town with no computer, so for now just one entry for me.

  2. Gio Gonzalez, Cahill and Bailey.

    I'm using my phone so I can't do the link. Sorry!

  3. I forgot. GQ please. I still haven't opened any.

  4. Cliff Pennington, Ryan Sweeney and David DeJesus (because one out of every three autos this year are DeJesus' autos, apparently)

    GQ if I win, thanks! Will pimp a bit later.

  5. Pennington, Gonzalez, Matsui. Gypsy Queen, as it has yet to appear in my neck of the woods. Contest pimp coming soon:

  6. Josh Willingham, Joey Devine, Daric Barton

    I guess I'll go GQ, since I have Heritage completed.

    Cool contest.

  7. Gio Gonzalez

    Kevin Kouzmanoff

    Mark Ellis

  8. I'm gonna go with former Twins here: Breslow, Balfour, and Fuentes

    GQ FTW

  9. Barton

    Gypsy Queen

  10. Balfour, Anderson, Fuentes

    I guess GQ.

  11. Second entry: DeJesus, Fuentes, Bailey

    Still GQ. :)

  12. Suzuki, Ziegler, Coco Crisp.

    I'll take GQ please. Thanks for the contest.

  13. Second try:
    Devine, LaRoche, Conor Jackson

    Contest plug and grammar rant:

  14. Guess #1: David DeJesus, Rich Harden, Grant Balfour

  15. Guess #2: with valid pimpage:

    Josh Willingham, Brandon McCarthy, Brian Fuentes

  16. Yikes, I have to figure out who is on the A's roster!


    Cahill, LaRoche, Sweeney

    (hopes none of those guys were on DL during the homestand)

    GQ please, altho I like Heritage better.

  17. Second Try:

    Kurt Suzuki, Andy LaRoche, Ryan Sweeney

    Shout out here:

  18. Brett Anderson, David DeJesus and Gio Gonzalez

  19. Kouzmanoff, DeJesus, Suzuki.

    Gypsy Queen would be my preferred packs of choice.

  20. DeJesus, Willingham, Barton

    Thanks. I'll sign up for GQ.

  21. Contest pimped!


    Cahill, Barton, Brett Anderson.

  22. Oops, forgot to leave my guess for the pimpage. I'll say Mark Ellis, Trevor Cahill and Brad Ziegler

  23. Thanks for the contest!

    I will try:
    Kurt Suzuki
    Mark Ellis
    Josh Willingham

    Pimp coming too from my blog

  24. Here's my pimp:

    If I won, I would love the Heritage.

    For my second guess I will try:
    Brett Anderson
    David Dejesus
    Coco Crisp

    Thanks again!

  25. Bullpen guys never have anything to do during pre-game.

    Brian Fuentes
    Grant Balfour
    Andrew Bailey

    Though I guess the same could be said for most of the rotation too.

    If I win, I'll take the Gypsy Queen.

    Thanks for the contest!

  26. For good measure, here's my second entry along with the link to my post.

    Michael Wuertz
    Craig Breslow
    Brad Ziegler

    And again, I'll take Gypsy Queen when my awesome strategy pays off.

    Thanks again, Ryan.

  27. I'm going with Crisp, Jackson, and Sweeney. Ill take GQ if I win. Thanks for the contest!