Monday, November 19, 2012

RBI (115) Meeting Alien Ant Farm...

Regular readers know I have a huge soft spot for adding the hometown successes to my autograph collection. Keeping up with my offseason off topic autographs I decided to post more of the local guys who made it big.

Rock band Alien Ant Farm is pretty well known as the band that did basically the best rock cover ever of a song, turning Michel Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" into a rock anthem for the past decade. They've also however released quite a few albums and have always stayed true to their roots. For their fourth album "Up In The Attic" they released the record with a celebratory concert and autograph signing in Riverside, CA in the parking lot of the local hangout spot by UCR.

I had seen AAF live before because they kept close ties with the local rock radio station and the summer before had preformed as the headliner for a local music concert festival. I had attended events and local concerts covered by the radio station really often so through mutual friends I met the station photographer. Long story short at the record release he saw me and took me backstage to meet the band before the show. It was awesome. I'll admit I was pretty nervous as a barely graduated teenager hanging out with rockstars and their girl friends talking about how I enjoyed their music and getting tips from their guitar player on how to play on something more expensive than my life.
After I got to meet them I went back to the front to watch the show and it was great. They're actually really good live performers and can make every track really enjoyable. After they preformed there was an autograph signing inside the record store if you bought the CD. I had band members Dryden Mitchell, Joe Hill, Tye Zamora, and Mike Cosgrove sign a flyer for the CD release and the back of the CD jacket. They also signed a large poster for me but I gave that to a friend who also really likes the band but couldn't make it to the show. I figured 2 Alien Ant Farm autographs and getting to meet the band was more than enough for me and he could have the nice poster.

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