Tuesday, June 18, 2013

RBI (151) Mariano Rivera...

I'm not sure I really need to say much more about getting an autograph from one of the arguably greatest MLB players of all time. A sure thing first ballot Hall of Famer who is an icon for not only his dominance on the mound but also for his humility and charity.

He has the MLB saves record surpassing 630 Saves, a number that at the end of this season will be etched in stone as one of the untouchables considering the factors that went in to his ability to set the mark. Longevity, consistency, team success and dominance for twenty years that will likely never be truly rivaled or witnessed again. He's an all-time great, one of the Yankees Core Four, the key cog in the Steinbrenner dynasty that brought a fist full of World Series rings to New York.
It's a true honor to be able to this Mariano Rivera autographed baseball and I'll treasure it forever. Without a doubt it is something that will always be special to me. It's another sign of his humility and generosity that Mariano not only signed for me but had knocked out a significant number of autographs for fans at Angel Stadium, working his way up and down the line for fans. He gave everyone a clean signature, truly gifting his autograph to the people that supported him throughout his career.
As a final note, it was great being able to get Mariano's autograph next to my good friend well known grapher David who got a great item signed. Last year we were able to get Derek Jeter's autograph together and this year Mariano, it'll be great to see who we can get together next year.

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  1. Killer post as usual and it was another memorable moment at the stadium. I hope one day we can complete the core four collection