Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dodgers Fanfest 2014 Summary

Well I don't often make it to Dodger Stadium to get autographs so it was nice to have Dodgers Fanfest 2014 happen this week for the opportunity to get some Dodger autographs.

That was one of the few nice things besides hanging out with my friends. Basically I misplayed most of fanfest and then didn't get some help from the most important part of a grapher. My pen.

The day started out well because instead of going to an early autograph session I actually graphed. I staked out a spot and started my day getting Nomar Garciaparra's autograph. Only I didn't notice until I got home that the pen also streaked. Which I don't understand, but it was the theme of my day. Great.
After Nomar I was able to get Orel Hershiser's autograph on this baseball. Using the same pen, but the autograph looks infinitely better. Great.
After Orel signed autographs Jerry Hairston Jr. came over and autographed a card Rob hooked me up with.
After getting Jerry Hairston's autograph I proceeded to start the rest of my day. My first autograph was Yasiel Puig on this 11x14. Only Puig was too busy flirting with the handler and leaning back bored while signing to actually have any sort of interest in the autographs he was giving. Oh and the perfectly fine and prepped pen I had fell on the table somehow and streaked. Great.
After Puig I didn't understand what was happening and Jaime Jarrin autographed this 8x10 photo inscribing "HOF 98" with the same streaky pen. Great.
Not to be deterred I switched pens with Rob for the next autograph session which was for Carl Crawford's autograph. Apparently it didn't matter what pen I used because that one didn't work either as soon as Crawford took it from me despite it being prepped and working fine on the prep paper. Great.
So that's my Dodgers Fanfest summary. Great. At least the Orel came through and looks good or it would have been a total waste.

Oh and that Jerry Hairston is nice to. Great.

Update. I have to admit that I was pretty upset about the Puig encounter. I wasn't happy with how some of my other autographs came out, but that's just how the day went for me. Some days that's just how the hobby goes. What I wasn't okay with was being treated dismissively and ignored at a fan fest after I had paid for an autograph ticket. So I contacted the Dodgers. Here's where most of you are thinking oh well the Dodgers are going to send him something to make up for it. They're not.

That's not the point of this update either. The point is both fan relations people I've spoken to said they'd work with their baseball operations people to help the players (Puig) understand the importance of not ignoring the fans, and that he's young so please bear with him. Considering his reckless driving case was just dismissed apparently that's the feeling everyone has for him. That's crap. I'm over him already, and people need to stop making excuses for him.

The Dodgers people were great, they were respectful and heard out all my thoughts and concerns. I'm generally pleased with how they interacted with me, but I'm still annoyed that Puig gets off again with other people covering for him.


  1. Better luck next time with the pens.

  2. Nice collection you got from FanFest. I wasn't able to buy a Nomar voucher, but I did get my next best option: Shawn Green.

  3. Sorry to hear that Ryan. Glad the Hershiser came out great though.

  4. New to your blog and I was there. I was in the line next to Puig for Mattingly and Puig seemed like a huge jerk. He had private security and wouldn't sign SS on baseballs. I'm over him too - I think he needs to prove himself before he has this kind of behavior or he will be like Manny, Milton Bradley and Bonds.