Sunday, June 22, 2014

Autograph Recap, Angels Mystery Bags 2014

Well it was that time of the year again when the Angels girlfriends and wives host their annual mystery grab bag fundraiser. Each bag costs $40 and proceeds go to support the Special Olympics. You have the chance to pull a baseball autographed by a participating player and if you're exceptionally lucky you can find a gold ball that gives you the opportunity to go on the field before a game to meet the player.

I waited in line with some friends and took my shot at the chance for the opportunity. I ended up pulling a Kole Calhoun and two Howie Kendrick baseballs. I traded one of the Howie Kendrick's for a Josh Hamilton baseball and then traded that Josh Hamilton for a Jered Weaver.
To say I'm happy with this is an understatement. A Jered Weaver autographed baseball in blue on the sweetspot is more difficult to get than I'd care to even really think about. The fact that it has paperwork from the Angels certifying it makes it even better. It'll look extra great next to my other Weaver autographed ball inscribed with Weaver's no hitter.
The Howie Kendrick autographed baseball is a nice full signature so I'm reasonably happy with it.

The Kole Calhoun I gave as a present already so I don't have a photo of it, but Kole's actually a bit tough so it was nice to get the ball so I could focus on other graphing instead of chasing him. Overall it wasn't a bad haul for me and it could have gone much worse. The Angels also were kind enough to learn from bad experiences the past few years and the players gave out nice signatures on the sweetspot in good blue pens. Every fan I saw may have wished they had pulled a Pujols or Trout autograph, but I don't think close to everyone left with a quality signature from their player.

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