Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Balk 6 - Calling all readers...

Well folks as the off season marches on it's time for this blogger to do what all good writers must...reflect. It's been an interesting foray into the hobby of TTM and autograph collecting, one I've thoroughly been enjoying. Months later I still browse my sent list and wonder if there will be a response coming my way this coming holiday season. When I finally see the familiarly shaped return envelope with my handwriting on the front, I get a thrill to check the postmark and rack my brain to solve the puzzle before I open it. It's a thrill I expect to survive on through the years.

But that part of the hobby is an individual thrill. The other part is sharing it with all of you. I want to know how can I improve that? So here's the deal, I won't actually call this a contest but there will be a reward for those who participate. It's a secret but it will be a fairly enjoyable reward for a few moments of your time.

For those of you who read the blog, please give me feedback and let me make your reading experience more enjoyable.

1) What are your two favorite posts I've put up?

2) Do you enjoy the format of the posts or find it tedious?

3) Would you like scans of the letter responses included in the post?

4) Should the Big League Moment posts continue next season?

5) Does anyone miss the weekly/monthly summary posts of the Angels baseball performance? Should I bring it back or expand it?

6) Are the separate pages for In Person and TTM autographs inconvenient and you'd like a single master list or is it fine separating by interest?

7) Any general comments, questions, or additional feedback?


  1. 1. Favorite posts were TTM success of Whitey Ford and Steve Searcy.
    2. No issues with format.
    3. Sure, if it's not too much trouble!
    4. Yes
    5. As a Yanks fan, I can't say I always read these. BUT it's YOUR blog. If you like it, you should keep it.
    6. No inconvienence for me.
    7. Keep it up! Big fan overe here.

  2. 1) The Whitey Ford TTM, and your contests in general. I like the guessing/figuring it out aspect.

    2) I like the format. I always struggle to get out lots of words in my posts, but you fill yours with information other than just who signed or what you pulled.

    3) Absolutely, and it'd probably be easier than a transcript :)

    4) Yes, I like them

    5) I'm a Cards fan, but I like keeping up with the rest of the league. Plus they can be fun to look back on in a few years when the young kid you off-handedly mentioned is AL MVP.

    6) I like keeping them separate.

    7) I think you do a good job in general. I'm really not any kind of blogging expert to offer much in the way of suggestions, but I definitely enjoy it as a reader.