Sunday, June 17, 2012

Balk - 10 An encounter with Justin Upton and a question

This weekend the Angels and Diamondbacks have had a pretty great series. With he Dbacks coming to town I had 3 goals: Justin Upton, Ian Kennedy, and Miguel Montero. After the Friday game I tried to get Upton and here's what happened. The Arizona families were actually at the game and were waiting by a player exit inside the stadium.

A pretty decent sized crowd of regular graphers and random fans were waiting next to them. Players began to come out and fans tried calling out only to be ignored by the players. While the players talked to their family most graphers were respectful and stayed quiet and away from family time. Here's where it got weird.

 A stadium security guard supervisor began aggressively telling people to back away or we would be kicked out of the stadium and made to leave. He then actually had us split to the left and right of the players and their families. He started talking in very hushed tones with Upton who just nodded and didn't talk back to him. The supervisor then told us graphers on the right to leave. Ok no big deal we turned around to leave the gate 20 feet behind us. He then yelled at us to stop and that we couldn't exit through the exit. And told us to leave through an exit that would make us walk through the players and their families. Then proceeded to say stay away from the players...great job mr. Security guard.

Having seen the righteous fury he had to keep us away from the exit I assumed Upton was going to leave that gate. I posted on a planter out of view and waited for him to leave. Here's the kicker. Upton left with his girlfriend through the gate. And 5 security guards. I called out Mr. Upton can you please just sign one it's just me. Without even looking at me or acknowledging I was a human being he put his arm on his girlfriend and stared straight ahead and was escorted to a waiting cab. And 2 police officers joined the escort party...

Um. What? I wanted Upton. I think he's a good young player. Alex Rodriguez. Curtis Granderson. Ivan Rodriguez. Jayson Werth. Rod Carew. Bert Blyleven. Nomar Garciaparra. legitimate stars, superstars, and Hall of Famers have all walked out of various exits around the stadium, but never with a 7 person security detail. Who does Justin Upton, he of the .245 batting average think he is?

Do we put so much hype and fantasy baseball relevance and draft pick card importance on young players that they actually believe they need an escort bigger than a legit I've made it and done it star?


  1. Just plain ridiculous. I hate the security at Angel Stadium esp that mean one that wears the blue shirt.