Saturday, February 2, 2013

RBI (120) A Milestone Stopper....

I've said before how I enjoy seeing other bloggers points of view on the same autograph event, well I also enjoy seeing everyone's different view on specific players in their collection. 

On this 8x10 of the Angels bullpen I was able to get Latroy Hawkins and Jason Irsinghausen. The most interesting of that duo would be "Izzy" who is a member of the 300 saves club. His membership in that should ostensibly have had me get him on a solo ball like many of my fellow graphers but personally I'm not too sold on it. I remember hearing my Mets fan friends continually groan when Izzy came lumbering out for another shot at the milestone only to blow it. History won't remember that when it looks back at a 2006 World Series Champion with 300 saves, 2 All Star appearances and 800 Strikeouts but I do. I obviously wanted his signature but I opted to work on a personal piece to remember the bullpen rather than the standard ROMLB. 
Every collection has its own highlights and focuses and to  be honest I'll admit parts of my collection seem disjointed at times. That's the best part of collecting though, everyone's collection is their own to do with as they please so long as it makes them happy with what they've snagged at the end of the day.

I was able to get Jason to sign this photo for me at Angel Stadium before a game.

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