Sunday, February 24, 2013

RBI (121) Matt Barnes Sprint In Store Appearance 2/22/13

Earlier I posted that I had bought a used Los Angeles ClippersMatt Barnes practice jersey from the Clipper Foundation this season. I was pretty excited to make the pick up at a reasonable cost and to have a player used jersey even if it was a practice one. I'm sure many of you are aware that basketball can be a tough sport to graph if you're not willing to figure out what hotel the team is staying at, so I was very excited to see an opportunity to get Barnes to sign the jersey.

Barnes had a free autograph signing at a Sprint store in Bell Gardens and even though I had plans for that afternoon I decided to put on my hardcore grapher shoes and give it a try driving out to Los Angeles. I got to the signing and ran into my friend Kyle. We caught up and when we went inside I snapped a photo of Barnes signing a painting that Kyle was working on of him.

I had a bit of a conundrum where to have Barnes sign the jersey. Since it's a practice jersey the logos and numbers are heat pressed screens not cloth that's stitched on, so I assumed over time they'll probably start to peel and I'd hate to lose the autograph that way. The name logo on the bottom is the only thing stitched but with the different levels of stretching and colors I didn't think it'd be a very good spot to get signed on. I had Matt sign the jersey itself next to the logos and number since I figured it was probably one of the few decent spots.
It came out well enough and honestly this is a jersey I'd like to keep wearing around to Clipper games. It's not an official game used jersey and I like how it's different than everyone else walking around in a Chris Paul or Blake Griffin jersey so I'll risk the eventual fade to the autograph because just knowing Barnes signed it is good enough for me. I mean how many people are able to say they're rocking a Matt Barnes autographed jersey around Los Angeles?

Now I'll just have to work on eventually knocking off the Randy Foye practice jersey I was able to pick up.

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