Saturday, March 2, 2013

Highlights of the Upcoming Season

One of my usual tasks during the offseason is to take a peek at the upcoming season schedule for promotional giveaways. I'm a season ticket holder for the Angels so I like to have an idea of what games I absolutely need to get to and try to arrange my schedule to be sure I can get the coolest freebies. The Angels typically have pretty solid giveaways but I like to look around the league and here are some of the cooler things that will be given away this coming season.

Angels: Mike Trout Bobblehead of "The Catch", Mike Trout Pint Glass, Albert Pujols Pint Glass.
The Angels have given out things like this before and they were nice looking but either flimsy plastic or really small and unpractical. Getting a pair of real pint glasses will be nice to use when watching games at home when the team is on the road. The bobble I just think is cool looking.
Padres: Replica jersey. I'm a fan of the freebie jerseys, they're cool and a nice way to get fans feeling like they're part of the team. I'm a fan of the Padres freebie jersey giveaway seeing as they do them for Adults not just kids. I also like their beach towel giveaway. It's not a big ticket item but actually looks cool.
Pirates: Free Tshirt Friday. That' right the Pirates will giveaway a shirt every friday there is a home game and some of them are actually pretty nice looking shirts. I approve. I also am a fan of "Kids and Dad's" sunday where 14 and unders with their dad's will get a nice looking hat at the game.
Cubs: For 4 games the Cubs will release a special limited edition set of 82 cards only available by attending the game. Current and former players will be featured on the card style of various years they never appeared in. A serious must have for Cubs collectors.
Rays: David Price is getting a Cy Young figurine, his dog Astro is also getting a bobblehead this season. Awesome. I predict it's the most attended game in Tampa this season.
Royals: Billy Butler Silver slugger bobblehead. It's not a unique idea. But it's a pretty great bobble in my opinion. The also have Tshirt Tuesdays, but I'm not as sold on the designs as I am the Pirates'.
Cardinals: The best giveaway this season for last. One I know I'll be getting on ebay for myself. In honor of Stan Musial the Cardinals will have give away a harmonica. I'm not sure I can think of a more genuine or appropriate way to honor the legend. I tip my hat to the organization and whoever came up with this idea.

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  1. The Tigers are doing a card giveaway too, late May I think. First 10,000 Kids only.

    I saw a photo of the Cubs cards uncut, but can't find it now.

    I wonder if the cards of those two team giveaways will match up with what is in Topps Archives this year?