Saturday, May 11, 2013

RBI (140) More Shay Maria...

I wasn't able to resist purchasing another one of Shay Maria's autographed prints. Like I said before in my previous post Shay's a street wear model known for her modeling of The Hundreds, Benny Gold, Primitive and CBNC. For those unfamiliar with those brands a more mainstream name you may know is the look book she shot for CBNC's last line was featured on British GQ's website.
I added this small print of her to my collection because I like the overall look. Yeah Shay Maria's hot but I think the entire aesthetic of the shot is nice. It all comes together really well and looks pretty nice framed next to my other print of her. I may look for another piece of hers from another photographer, maybe a Shay Maria Danny Steezy photo or one of the Shay Maria Kaloopy photos and prints that are available.

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