Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Big League Moment Brandon Barnes Interview

While I was at the Brandon Barnes 1st Annual Wiffleball Invitational I took the opportunity to talk to Brandon for a few minutes and he was kind enough to do a quick interview. Below is the transcribed conversation.

First off Rockie now, who was the first person to tell you?
"I was actually going to professional athletes outreach in Florida, its a Christian convention. I got off the plane and had a message from my GM. I gave him a call and he told me I was traded."

Are you looking forward to that outfield?
"Yeah definitely I played there once last year. It's a big outfield. I like to run around and go after balls and I'm very excited. It's a hitters park so its even more fun."

How did you find out you were being called up?
"Called in by my AAA manager in 2012. I thought it was to talk about the game. Talked about my attitude and said it had been a little different then he told me he was joking and I was being called to the Majors."

Did you get any rookie hazing by the Astros?
"We had to wear speedos the first year in Chicago. This year I was super woman but I don't remember where it was it's all a blur."

First annual wiffleball tournament. Are you planning another event? Was it easy to work with the organization?
"Not yet I think I'll let some time go first. I've worked with PCRF before so it was pretty simple to start but pulling this all together was pretty tough."

You have items from Vinne Pestano, Mark Trumbo, but Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry. How were you able to get everything?
I have a lot of good friends and connections. In the baseball world we all have each others numbers were all pretty close so just reaching out.

Did you think about the cycle?
"No. Until I stepped up and knew I needed a double thats the only time I ever thought about it."

Did you feel it off the end of the bat?
"No. I mean I got it pretty good and it just shot down the right field line."

I know the Astros are pretty young did any veterans take you in?
"Rick Ankiel and Carlos Pena really helped me a lot. "

It was great to take a chance to talk to Brandon Barnes and get to know more about him as a player and a little about how he got involved in working with the Pediatric Cancer Research Fund.

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