Thursday, September 26, 2013

RBI (184) Albert Pujols, Graphing the season's final home game...

It took two seasons but I finally did it. I got Albert Pujols' autograph on the final day of the 2013 season after two full seasons of trying to hunt him down.

The last home game was scheduled for the early afternoon so I was able to get to the stadium and catch some of the players going in for the game before I had to go into work. I was too late for a few of the players but Albert Pujols rolled in and after loading up his bags he came to the waiting crowd and started signing. It was a magical high pressure moment for me since it had taken so long for me to even be close to Pujols picking up a pen to sign and I was really worried if he would pick me or not. He reached for my clipboard and sharpie so I was super excited and thanked him for signing.
Albert signed this 8x10 photograph that I took of him at the Angels press conference after he signed as a free agent for the 2012 season. I was so excited to finally put the future Hall of Famer into my collection and it's a huge relief to finally knock him off the list after he signed this photograph at Angel Stadium. Talk about a great way to graph my last day of the season.

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